Found a fish with huge eyes and protruding teeth: what species is it?

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A new marine fish has emerged from Australian waters. Fisherman Trapman Bermagui, who lives and works in Sydney, captured and photographed him on 12 September, sharing the photo on his Facebook profile in search of someone who could unravel the mystery. What species is it?

The mysterious shark has a decidedly unusual, almost “prehistoric” appearance, with coarse skin, a pointed snout, large eyes and a set of sharp and decidedly protruding teeth. He swam in very deep water, about 650 meters deep. And this may explain the unusual shape of his eyes.

Some have found a resemblance to the cookiecutter shark, a small shark with an elongated cigar-shaped body, but according to its discoverer it has nothing to do with the specimen.

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Photo credit: Trapman Bermagui

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According to Dean Grubbs, director of the coastal and marine laboratory at Florida State University, the species appears to be a Centroscymnus owstoni, a dogfish. “In my offshore investigations, I caught a few in the Gulf of Mexico and the Bahamas. They came from a depth between 740 and 1160 meters ”, so a little deeper than this. Professor Christopher Lowe, director of the Long Beach Shark Laboratory at California State University, believes instead that it is “a deep-water kite shark, already sighted in Australian waters.” The investigation is open.

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