Amnesty launches an appeal for their release

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The final sentence –

After the outrage for

the case of the girl beaten to death

for having worn the veil badly – his fault would have been that of having left a few tufts of hair in sight -, we return to talk about illiberal politics in Iran. This time, however, it was the same to issue the death sentence

regime of the ayatollahs

through its institutional bodies.

The story of Hamedani –

Returning to the recent story of


, Amnesty recalls that on “October 27, 2021 the revolutionary guards arrested her on the border with Turkey”. The woman was indeed trying to

cross the Iranian border

to seek international protection.

After the capture, Hamedani was subjected to

disappearance regime

forced for 53 days, only to be held in solitary confinement in a

detention center

in Urmia. “During this period, an agent of the revolutionary guards – reports Amnesty – subjected her to intense interrogations accompanied by

verbal violence and insults

directed at her identity and her appearance, as well as threatening her with death or otherwise harming her and taking custody of her two small children away from her. ”

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The charges –

According to the court of Urmia, the two young women are guilty of having “spread

corruption on earth

“. On January 16, 2022, Hamadani was tried before the Chief Investigator of Section 6 of the Office of the Revolutionary Public Prosecutor of Urmia. Here she was charged with”

promote homosexuality and Christianity

“and to carry out” communication against the Islamic republic through social media. “The accusation refers to the activism of the woman on social media and to one of her

appearance in a documentary of the Bbc


Islamic law –

According to the Ayatollahs’ application of Sharia, the sacred law of Islam, same-sex relationships are punishable by

flogging and death

. Amnesty’s appeal for the release of the two activists recorded 1,700 signatures. The NGO expects to soon exceed two thousand.

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