Five pro-Russian officials killed –

Five pro-Russian officials killed –
Five pro-Russian officials killed –
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from Viviana Mazza

The victims in Kherson, Lugansk and Berdyansk: two were husband and wife, who died in an explosion

Husband and wife, Oleh and Lyudmila Boyko, killed yesterday in an explosion in Berdyansk, in the occupied Zaporizhzhia region, were the deputy mayor for housing and public services and the head of the commission for organizing referendums for annexation to Russia .

They are two of the five pro-Russian collaborators killed on the same day in three different places in Ukraine. Another explosion in broad daylight in an administrative office in Kherson, in the South, was filmed and confirmed by the Moscow media. Two Russian-installed officials survived, Ekaterina Gubareva, who was former foreign minister of the Donetsk separatists and now deputy head of the Kherson administration, and Alla Barkhatnova, head of the Labor Department, while the driver was killed. The third case, in the occupied Donbass, that of Attorney General Sergei Gorenko and his deputy, blown up with an explosive device in their office on the third floor of the Lugansk court. Ukraine has neither claimed nor denied it had a role in the Berdyansk and Kherson attacks, but President Zelensky’s spokesman Mikhailo Podolyak said the Lugansk explosion should be considered a showdown between local criminal gangs who could not share the spoils before fleeing en masse.

Whether Ukraine is responsible for these attacks against the collaborators, which have multiplied in recent months, confirms us a growing penetration of its intelligence into the occupied territories: another factor destined to demoralize the Russian soldiers while the Kiev counteroffensive is also pressing in the South. Several of these operations seem to aim the very organization of referendums for annexation, announced by Russia for November 4th. On 6 September, the headquarters of the United Russia party in Melitopol were hit, where the referendum was being prepared, while the day before a depot in the Zaporizhzhia region that contained ballot papers and an FSB unit that dealt with them.

Behind these operations there are decentralized resistance groups, with figures who are responsible for gathering information on the objectives and passing the lists to the guerrillas. Their philosophy is that the civilian population cannot defeat the Russians alone, but can hinder them and take time, waiting for the counter-offensive.

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