Ukraine Russia, news on today’s war | Biden warns Putin on the use of nuclear weapons: “Don’t do it, the answer will be consequential”

Ukraine Russia, news on today’s war | Biden warns Putin on the use of nuclear weapons: “Don’t do it, the answer will be consequential”
Ukraine Russia, news on today’s war | Biden warns Putin on the use of nuclear weapons: “Don’t do it, the answer will be consequential”
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from Francesco Battistini and Viviana Mazza

The news of Saturday 17 September, live. The UN allows a video message from Zelensky despite Moscow’s objections; 99% of the bodies exhumed from the Izyum site show signs of violent death, according to Ukraine

• The war in Ukraine has reached its 206th day.
• US Secretary of State Antony Blinken accuses Russia of “horrible actions”.
• Over 400 bodies have been found in mass graves in Izyum, many with a rope around their neck and their hands tied. President Zelensky: «Russia leaves only death and suffering behind. The punishment will be rightly terrible. “
• The attorney general of the self-proclaimed republic of Lugansk, Sergei Gorenko, was killed when a bomb went off in his office.

4:23 am – Kiev, 13 cruise missiles over Kryvyh Rih in 3 days

The Russian forces have launched in the past three days 13 missiles against Kryvyh Rih, la home town of Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky: the head of the city’s military administration, Oleksandr Vilkul, made it known on Telegram, according to reports Ukrinform. “Thirteen cruise missiles in three days. Iskander, Kh, and the most expensive Russian missiles, the Kinzhal, of which they have only a few dozen. It seems madnessbut this is there our realityVilkul wrote.

02:43 am – Kiev, 25 trucks with supplies to Zaporizhzhia power plant

The Ukrainian state-owned company which manages all nuclear power plants of the country, Energoatomyesterday sent 25 trucks with spare parts, fuel and other materials to Energodar, the satellite city of the Zaporizhzhia nuclear power plant: supplies are destined for the plant, Energoatom said, according to reports Ukrainska Pravda. “A convoy of 25 Energoatom trucks passed the enemy checkpoints and reached Energodar today, 16 September 2022 – reads a statement -. Energoatom delivered the spare parts urgently needed to repair power lines and reactors damaged by the Zaporizhzhia nuclear power plant, which continues to be terrified by Russian occupiers“.

02:07 am – In Izyum, bodies with ropes around their necks. UN will investigate mass grave

The UN has announced that it wants to send one team of experts to investigate mass graves found in Izyum, a city in Ukraine that has just been reconquered from the pro-Russian forces. “We’ve seen reports of possible mass graves with about 400 bodies a Izyum. Our colleagues from the Monitoring Mission of human rights in Ukraine they intend to conduct a site visit to determine the circumstances of death of these people, ”said the spokeswoman for the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights Elizabeth Throssell. Several bodies found at the Izyum mass grave site had ropes around the neck and the Tied handsaccording to the Reuters website.

A circumstance that suggests they might not being killed in bombing And air strikes.

The high representative of EU foreign policy, Josep Borrellhe said to himself «profoundly shocked from the mass graves discovered by the Ukrainian authorities with over 440 bodies in Izyum, recently liberated by the Russian army. There Russian leadership and everyone involved will be retained responsible. The EU supports every effort to this end ».

According to a local politician, “a large part of Izyuma city in the Kharkivr region recaptured by Ukrainian forces in recent days, lies in ruinsup to 80% of the city’s infrastructure has been destroyed, i bodies they are still found in the rubble ». The BBC reports. The head of the Ukrainian presidential office Andriy Yermak tweeted a photo of the mass grave with hundreds of bodies found in Izyum (so far 440) stating that «the Russia is one State killer“. Ukrainian soldiers are said to be buried in some graves. Yermak announced more information on the find for today.

Kiev said it had found out ten torture chambers in the Kharkiv region, in north-eastern Ukraine, reconquered from Russian forces. This was stated by the head of the national police Igor Klymenko. “To date, I can speak of at least ten torture chambers discovered in different locations in the Kharkiv region,” including two in the town of Balaklia, reported Klymenko quoted by the Interfax-Ukraine agency.

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01:48 – Biden warns Putin about using nuclear weapons: don’t do it

Biden warns the Russian president Vladmir Putin about the war in Ukraine and the use of nuclear weapons or chemical. “Do not do it, do not do it. If I did that, the face of the war would change, ”says Biden in an interview with“ 60 Minutes ”of which excerpts have been released. The American president does not go into details of what that might be American response: “Would be consequential“. If the Kremlin decides to use chemical or nuclear weapons it would become “even more pariah in the world”.

05:16 – UN Assembly allows Zelensky to speak at a distance

L’General Assembly ofUn gave the go ahead to Ukrainian President Volodymir Zelensky to speak remotely next week for the high-level debate. With 101 votes in favor, 7 against (among which RussiaSyria, Cuba and North Korea) and 19 abstentions, the UN General Assembly decided, “without creating a precedent” for subsequent meetings, that “Ukraine may present a pre-registered declaration of his head of state ”next week for the general debate. According to diplomatic sources from the UN, however, it is not excluded that President Zelensky decides to participate in person to the General Assembly. The first lady is also expected in New York, Olena Zelenskawhich on Monday will be in London for the funeral of Queen Elizabeth.

05:14 – The pro-Russian officials killed and the new US aid: the military update

(Andrea Marinelli and Guido Olimpio) Ukrainian action goes deep into “conventional” terrain with its own units, and hits the enemy from behind using covert operations. Within hours, there were two heavy attacks. A bomb has the attorney general of the self-proclaimed republic of Lugansk killed while he was in his office, along with his deputy. A few hours later they were eliminated two officials, husband and wife, in Berdyansk: they held administrative roles in the occupied areas, the woman headed the electoral commission in charge of preparing the referendum for annexation. They are raids led by saboteurs and partisans, part of a planned strategy to destabilize the areas held by the invaders. The episodes are manywith modus operandi different, to underline theexistence of a clandestine network in which special forces teams, civilian resisters, elements capable of surprising move. And the psychological effect increases because it is added to the traditional war pressure (maneuvers, bombings).

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