Giant meteor lights up the sky in Scotland

Giant meteor lights up the sky in Scotland
Giant meteor lights up the sky in Scotland
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A giant meteorite lit up the sky in Scotland leaving many citizens stunned. The images have been around the web. Many users on Twitter, for example, wondered what it could be, while others shared the videos they had managed to shoot with their mobile phones while admiring the scene directly from the windows of their homes or from the terraces.

Scotland: the passage of a giant meteorite lights up the sky

Last Wednesday the passage of a giant meteorite illuminated the sky of Scotland – area from which most of the reports have come – e of Northern Ireland. Shortly after dinner time, environment at about 10pmhundreds of people were able to attend the event, later confirmed by the UK Meteor Network.

Users who flocked to social media described what they saw as something “never seen before” and launched the first hypotheses. In fact, not everyone immediately understood that it could be a meteorite. There fire ball it also aroused worries and fears and a lot of hilarity. There are those who, jokingly, hypothesized the arrival on the Earth of the UFOwho, on the other hand, hypothesized that fireworks were being made and who expressed a wish, perhaps waiting to see other shooting stars.

Reports from the different cities of Scotland

The British Meteorological Network has made it known that it has received hundreds of reports from different cities in Scotland such as: Glasgow, Edinburgh, Ayrshire, Lanarkshire and Renfrewshire. Everyone reported a fireball flying over the cities heading south and leaving a long green and bright trail. The huge meteorite passed a good distance anyway and caused no problems.

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