Ettore Licheri: “Sardinian health must be commissioned: it is the only remedy”

Ettore Licheri: “Sardinian health must be commissioned: it is the only remedy”
Ettore Licheri: “Sardinian health must be commissioned: it is the only remedy”
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Four years ago there was a victory beyond all expectations, a yellow tsunami that swept across Sardinia. Today the situation is very different. And in this round the role of strength takes everything in the name of “change”, Brothers of Italy seem to have grabbed it.

But of one thing Ettore Licheri, 59, spokesman in the Senate of the 5 Star Movement, seems certain: the grillina defeat announced in recent months “will not take place”. A lawyer from Sassari with a past also in the Federal Sports Prosecutor’s Office, he is in the field as leader in the multi-member Senate for the party now led by Giuseppe Conte, who in that triumphal 2018 was a law professor in Florence, fasting on politics and unknown to most.

The latest polls gave you a recovery especially in the South, will you be the surprise of the elections?

«I believe that Giuseppe Conte is interpreting best of all the desire to protect, first of all, the citizens from the terrible crisis that will overwhelm us this winter. His is the voice of small VAT numbers, pensioners, young people, women ».

In any case, the result will be much lower than the triumph of 2018: where did you go wrong?

«The 5-star boom of 2018 was an event that will no longer be seen for any political force in the history of this country. But if a movement like ours, at its lowest point of consensus, has never dropped below 10%, this means that it is a candidate to be the only true progressive popular force in the country ».

How much has the Movement changed after 4 years in government?

«It matured after a profound transformation process. But on the issues of justice, public ethics and the defense of the weakest we remain uncompromising. And the citizens have understood this: I believe that this is the reason for the favorable polls in recent weeks ».

Citizenship income, sure that it should not at least be revised?

“Any law can be improved. But I find it truly incredible that in a moment in which we are experiencing a social emergency, with a million more poor people and very serious problems in the suburbs, there are those who propose to abolish the citizenship income such as Meloni and Renzi ».

You have always been hesitant about sanctions against Russia and military aid to Ukraine, but what alternatives do you propose?

“We haven’t been hesitant at all. We have always said that it was a duty to work on a political solution to the war, and so far no one has done so with the right determination. Europe must achieve its own strategic independence and become the spokesperson for a concrete peace initiative. And all this on the basis of a multilateral conception of international relations that directly involves the United States, China and India. Let us remember that this war is taking place in Europe and it will be Europe that bears the most military and economic risks ».


Cost of energy and skyrocketing inflation, a dramatic autumn-winter is announced, how do you intend to act?

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“Let me tell you that we were the first in December of last year to talk about inflation and the energy crisis. On February 26, inflation was at 4.8%, the highest level since 1996, and electricity bills were already at + 131%. Conte begged Draghi to intervene with strong and courageous measures, but he and unfortunately also our allies were thinking of weapons. Now it is late, the downward spiral is in full swing. Today we need to make a big voice in Europe, exactly as Giuseppe Conte did in 2020 when we were the country most affected by Covid. We need to replicate his policies for a new Energy Recovery Fund. If Conte has succeeded, Draghi can succeed too, don’t you think? ”

If Italy is not doing well, Sardinia is worse off and there are many emergencies: expensive bills, skyrocketing prices, school, work, transport. How do you avoid meltdown?

“For Sardinia, the NRP allocates more than 1 billion and a half euros. An astronomical figure. But the money is not enough if there is not a political class up to the task. I hope that the Sardinians have understood that they have made a mistake by handing over their hands and feet to the Northern League. The PNRR is a historic opportunity to reverse the course and open a new season of reconstruction of the foundations of the island, overcoming old welfare logics and intervening instead to create jobs and employment and therefore sustainable and lasting development ».

Sardinian healthcare seems to be an irreversible patient, what to do?

«Also in this case the PNRR provides us with 220 million but this right wing junta is pulverizing them. If I am elected, I will formally request the appointment of an extraordinary Commissioner. Sardinian health must be commissioned, unfortunately there is no other remedy. The disasters of the management of the Sardinian-League junta are before everyone’s eyes. If we wait a little longer, the ashes will remain ».

Let’s assume a scenario like that of 2018, in which no one has the numbers to govern: will you look for an agreement with the Democratic Party?

“This is not the time to play on hypotheses. Unfortunately today the right, Enrico Letta, Salvini, the center, have become one. We are on the other side, we present ourselves alone, with the pride of never having sold our soul to the devil ».

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