Putin does not deny the strategy in Ukraine: “We are not in a hurry”. And on Kiev: “Counter-offensive? Our answer will be more serious”

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Vladimir Putin hopes for peace, but promises war. In its latest statements released by the Sco summit of Samarkandthe leader of the Kremlin he said he wanted to end the conflict in Ukraine “as soon as possible”, but Kiev “refuses negotiations”. Here, however, his openness to peace ends and the Russian president, in answering questions from journalists, promises heavy retaliation if the Kiev counter-offensive in the east and south of the country does not stop: Moscow, he said, has so far given a contained response to “Ukraine’s attempts to damage Russian infrastructure, but it will be more serious if they continue“.

The head of state then returned to accuse the Kiev military of conducting one dirty warclaiming that Ukraine attempted to carry out “Terrorist attacks on Russian nuclear power plants” and that Moscow “will do everything to prevent” such actions. And he was confident about the Russian contrast to the Ukrainian advance in the occupied territories: “The Kiev authorities have announced that they have launched and are carrying out a counter-offensive. Well, we’ll see how it will be, we’ll see how it ends“.

In recent weeks, his figure has been the subject of heavy attacks even at home, especially from the most extremist and warmongering fringes who have criticized for the strategy they say is too soft in the field in Ukraine. Russia “is in no hurry” to achieve its goals in the country, he said adding that the plan for the special military operation “Will not be corrected”.

As happened in all his latest speeches, finally he does not spare the attacks against Western countries that support the Ukrainian cause: “For decades” the West has cultivated the idea of ​​a collapse of Russia. Moscow therefore launched the special military operation in Ukraine to prevent the creation of an enclave “to be used to shake” Russia itself, he concluded.

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