Thus Ukraine beat the Russians in disarray in Kharkiv (but the euphoria can be risky) | Military update

Thus Ukraine beat the Russians in disarray in Kharkiv (but the euphoria can be risky) | Military update
Thus Ukraine beat the Russians in disarray in Kharkiv (but the euphoria can be risky) | Military update
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The poor quality of Putin’s troops, a maneuver perfectly executed by Kiev: this is how the Ukrainian counter-offensive developed. But the soldiers of Kiev will need a break, and Moscow is able to make a wall in some areas

The fog of war clears slightly and details (always incomplete) emerge on what has happened in recent days, especially in the area of Karkhiv.
On the notebook a summary of notes by experts.

The poor quality of Putin’s troops
The quality of the Russian troops turned out to be low. Militia units, therefore departments not prepared for a clash of this type, joined those with more tradition, such as the First Tank Division of the Guard and the 11th Corps. The problem is that their ranks were small and frayed due to the long commitment. They also did not create an additional line of defense that could slow the advance. The intelligence deficit was heavy: yet there were signs.

Contingent obstacles have been added to the chronic / known problems. The invaders lost two road / rail hubs – Kupiansk and Izyum – which represented a key logistical axis for the entire region. Furthermore the commanders under Putin’s orders have shown the usual slowness in preparing a responseclumsy even in giving a credible version.

The maneuver implemented by the Ukrainians
German expert Gustav Gressel spoke of Bewegungskrieg: deep penetration, overcoming of enemy strengths and thus destruction of concentrations. The Ukrainians were quick in their execution, agile in their movements. The tanks and the artillery have opened the way – reports Rob Lee -, here special forces and columns have entered on board of rotated vehicles that they have wreaked havoc on a device in disarray. The images – net of the propaganda – showed Humvee off-road vehicles armed with machine guns and anti-tank, armored vehicles, even soldiers on motorcycles and on anti-tank shoulders. This action unbalanced a line-up that rested on insufficient pillars while the infantrymen – not numerous compared to the necessities – had no more references.

Testimonies collected by the press in the villages where the invaders had settled tell of tense soldiers, unsure of the situation. After all part of the deployment had been diverted south to the Kherson region.

But the risky euphoria

The euphoria of success is risky. The former American general Hertling, in addition to reiterating the dangers represented by having too long lines, recalls that after 5-6 days the troops engaged in an attack must be able to take a break. Not statistics, but a necessity. Equally crucial are the reserves that can be mobilized in the event of a counter-attack.

And then there is always the factor of unpredictability. The pushes on Kharkiv and Kherson (slower and more complex) were carefully planned with Western help, it is possible that – as many say – the Ukrainians were themselves surprised by the Army’s retreat and this gave them greater space. In Lyman, the pro-Russian militias are building a wall, in others the artillery fire is always intense. It always depends on the men, on their motivation. Great uncertainty about the fallen: the abundance of images of the tanks intact or almost finished in the hands of Kiev could indicate – notes Henry Schlottman – that the crews have abandoned them to get to safety (there are even unverifiable rumors of agreed escapes).


So considerable losses of material – hundreds of them – difficult to assess the human ones.

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Both camps await replacements: 5,000 Ukrainians have just finished training in Great Britaina program that involves eight countries and extends into the future.

The maritime front
There Black Sea Fleet moved the base of its Kilo submarines from Sevastopol to Novorossiysk. A transfer – reveals HI Sutton – dictated by the fear of the missiles supplied to the opponents (Harpoon, Neptune and others). The boats perform a primary function thanks to the Kalibr cruises launched against land targets.

If the indiscretion is confirmed, further proof of how Kiev has created a principle of deterrence on the maritime front even though it does not have a Navy.

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