“They hide the truth, I want the DNA test”

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For at least three years he has claimed to be the illegitimate child of the new King of the United Kingdom Charles III and the Queen Consort Camilla. Is called Simon Charles Dorante-Dayis 56 years old and is an engineer by profession.

On Facebook he has a page where he continues his struggle for legitimacy. “They have been trying to hide the truth about me for years, but that’s enough”, she said on several occasions, demanding a DNA test.

The man is so sure of what he says that on social networks he calls himself without false modesty Prince Simon Charles. His goal would be to be officially recognized in the line of succession to the British throne.

The story of King Charles’ alleged secret son

Born in 1966 in a hamlet in Hampshire, Simon Charles Dorante-Day was adopted from an English family who later moved to Australia. The 56-year-old says he had confirmation of his real origin from his adoptive grandmother, who would work at Buckingham Palace. “You have told me clearly, over and over again, that I am the son of Carlo and Camilla,” she said.

According to the engineer, the new rulers of the United Kingdom would have conceived it at the beginning of their love story, when they were not yet married and even before the marriage between Charles And Lady Diana. He is convinced that he was entrusted for adoption by the then 18-year-old Camilla Shandwhich in that period “had practically disappeared from the scene for nine months”.

According to the reconstruction of the alleged illegitimate son, the Queen Elizabeth she was very concerned that a child was born out of wedlock. And given the young age of Charles And Camilla a serious scandal could have broken out.

Photo Source: IPA

Charles III during the proclamation ceremony. Behind him the Queen Consort Camilla and Prince William

Simon Charles Dorante-Day to those who try to question his thesis he replies that he also has “cheekbones and teeth typical of the Windsor”. To the British tabloid ‘Daily Mail’ he said: “I know it sounds unbelievable, but everything I say is verifiableI’m just a man looking for biological parents and every road has led me to Camilla and Carlo ”.

The post of condolences after the death of Elizabeth II

Dorante-Day at the news of the death of Queen Elizabeth posted a long message on her Facebook page, calling the sovereign “grandmother Lilibet”.

“I am in mourning but also sorry because it went missed another opportunity to resolve the issue peacefully and in the correct way ”, he wrote, stating that he was“ overwhelmed by messages of condolence ”.

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At the end of the post he said goodbye to his alleged relative: “Rest in peace, now you are in the hands of God, I know that in me I will always carry a piece of you“.

The battle of Simon Charles Dorante-Day

Simon Charles Dorante-Day is continuing to carry out his truth, documented by his photos as a young man to testify to the alleged resemblance to members of the Royal Family.

And he has already turned toSydney High Courtfiling a lawsuit and presenting an identification document to establish if there is really a family relationship.

For a long time, to be legally recognized as legitimate son of Carlo and Camillatry to get a DNA test. To date, however, no judge has granted him what he asks.

Death of Queen Elizabeth, King Charles in Edinburgh following the funeral procession with the royal family: the images

Photo Source: IPA

Death of Queen Elizabeth, King Charles in Edinburgh following the funeral procession with the royal family: the images

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