Putin admits defeat, because Ukraine can now win the war

Putin admits defeat, because Ukraine can now win the war
Putin admits defeat, because Ukraine can now win the war
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There Russia acknowledges defeat. It is the first admission of Fly. And it concerns the advancement of Ukrainian troops in the region of Kharkiv. The Kremlin is diverting the blame from the Russian President Vladimir Putin, instead attributing it to his military advisers. But the success of the Ukrainian counter-offensive is panicking the Russian military, occupation authorities and bloggers. For six days the forces of Kiev they drifted east and southeast from the city of Kharkiv, breaking through what appeared to be weakened and poorly defended Russian defenses. A stunning counter-offensive was conducted on the Oskil River, which rewrote the map of the battlefield of the Donbass.

Ukraine, the war changes. USA: “Russia fleeing from the north after the Kiev offensive in Kharkiv”

The turning point in the summer

The turning point has come in summer, when the western weapons began to arrive in larger quantities. And in the last six days, everything has changed. “The Ukrainians now have the initiative,” Mick Ryan, a retired major general in the Australian army and a member of the Washington-based Center for Strategic and International Studies, told Radio Libery. “The Russians will now fight where the Ukrainians decide to attack them and not in places of their choice.”

Izyum reconquered

On 10 September, Ukrainian troops claimed control of the city of Izyuma strategic railway hub in the south-east of Kharkiv which it had been used by Russian forces to replenish their forces as they pushed west in early summer. The city had been attacked a few days after the February 24 invasion and besieged for weeks until the end of March when Ukraine withdrew.

The morale of the Russian troops

The protest of Russian soldiers runs on Telegram. Dismay and fury, especially among military bloggers, who have lashed out at the commanders. Igor Girkin, a notorious former Russian intelligence officer who played a pivotal role when the war broke out in the Donbass in 2014 and who is now an outspoken critic of the Russian military, sarcastically noted: “A brilliant … operation to transfer the cities of Izyum, Balaklia and Kupyansk to our respected Ukrainian partners “.

Russian party funds, Copasir: “In the dossier there is no news concerning Italy”. Salvini: «Fake news». Meloni: “I never took money from abroad”

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The key weapons

Artillery systems HIMARS US long-range howitzers, M777 howitzers, high-speed anti-radiation missiles, French-made Caesar howitzers, and German-made Panzerhaubitze self-propelled artillery. These are the weapons who reversed the war. And they allowed the Ukrainians to fire, with the utmost precision, at Russian targets. Especially in the bridges over the Dnieper River or command posts in the Kharkiv and Luhansk regions. Kiev has reversed the course of the war. It is the Ukrainians who are in control of the situation.

Putin’s failure to declare war

The Tsar has always maintained that Ukraine is a special operation. He has never, in fact, formally declared war. An aspect that affects enlistment, because up to now there has been no general mobilization to arms. According to the most experienced, the Kremlin does not want to disturb Russian society or undermine the passive support that the Russians are giving to the conflict.

The Russian repositioning of troops

Farewell Kharkiv. Or at least that’s what the Russian commanders have decided, who are moving the most important units away from the region reconquered (for the most part) by the Ukrainian army. However, this circumstance does not send a good signal. And that could cost the Moscow army dearly: especially in terms of enlistment.

The decisive factors: logistics and energy

The Ukrainian victory will mainly come from two factors. “It will depend on how fresh the Ukrainians are and their level of logistics on wheels,” Ryan told RFE / RL. “I expect them to be told to commit for a set period – say, a week or two – before they can expect relief. They can do a lot of damage to Russians during this time.”

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