Queen Elizabeth knew she would not get out of Balmoral alive

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  • Queen Elizabeth would have known that her days were cash and that she would not return alive to London from Balmoral
  • The monarch passed away last week at 96, now the King is his son Charles

There Queen Elizabeth she knew she wouldn’t come back alive from Scotland. This is claimed by a real business expert from Vanity Fair. Journalist Katie Nicholl told the BBC that the deceased sovereign last week a 96 years old she knew her days were numbered when she left for her home in Balmoral this summer. He said: “The Queen knew she would not return (to Windsor Castle or Buckingham Palace). I believe she wanted to be in Balmoral e die there. She insisted on making that trip, she felt like the Queen of the Scots and she wanted things to be like this “.

Queen Elizabeth died last week aged 96 in Scotland

For Elisabetta that place had a particular meaning, she loved it particularly. “I think Balmoral was the place where he could leave crown at the entrance and wearing other clothes such as those of a mother, grandmother and great-grandmother. I think part of her knew she wasn’t coming back, she wanted to die in Balmoral “Katie added.

Balmoral was the only one of two extra-luxury residences owned by the monarch, along with Sandringham in Norfolk. In Scotland it traditionally went every summer to then return to London (or more recently to Windsor) in October. In Norfolk, however, he reunited his family at Christmas.

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