the list of Putin’s deceased top managers grows

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Ivan Pechorin, one of the Russian top managers closest to President Vladimir Putin, was found dead: he allegedly drowned after falling from a boat

Posted on: 09-13-2022 22:43


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The list of wealthy Russian businessmen who died in mysterious circumstances after the outbreak of the conflict in Ukraine is growing month by month. The most recent death, announced in the last few hours by various online media, is that of the oligarch Ivan Pechoringeneral manager of the Far East and Arctic Development Corporation.

It is a Russian cooperation agency for the territories furthest from Moscow, but increasingly strategic. “Ivan’s death is an irreparable loss for friends, colleagues and the whole group,” reads a statement published on the site.

The death of Ivan Pechorin

Pechorin was found lifeless on Russky Island, in the Sea of ​​Japan, off the far east of Russia. According to the ‘Jerusalem Post’ his body was recovered at sea on Monday 12 September.

Based on the official version, the manager stood aboard his yacht in navigation, when in the grip of alcohol fumes fell into the water and is drowned.

Who was the Russian top manager

The general manager of the Far East and Arctic Development Corporation was 39 years old. Considered one of the top managers closer to the head of the Kremlin Vladimir Putin, was the key man in the Arctic area. For this he replied directly to the head of the Kremlin.

His last public appearance had been on the occasion of the recent Vladivostok Economic Forum, where the Russian president met with the country’s most important businessmen. The intervention of Ivan Pechorin it was entitled “The logistics of a changing world”.

The top manager who died at sea collaborated with the Moscow authorities also with the aim of modernize aviation in the Russian eastern sector.

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The oligarchs who died before Pechorin

The death of Pechorin follows that of numerous other prominent businessmen close to Putin. The trail of deaths would be associated in the West with criticism, even private, of the Russian president and his work after the invasion of Ukraine.

In early September the president of the oil company Lukoil Ravil Maganov he had died after falling out of a window. In May he was found lifeless in a shaman’s basement Aleksander Subbotinother manager Lukoil.

In May it was the turn of Andrei Krukovsky, manager of the Gazprom-owned ski resort in Sochi. In April Alexander Tyulyakov, a senior Gazprom executive, was found lifeless in the garage. At the same time, the vice president of Gazprombank also died Vladislav Avayev.

Going back again with the months, in February the tycoon was found hanged Mikhail Tolstosheya. The same fate had befallen the head of the gas giant Novatek Serjey Protonsenyabody found next to the bodies of his wife and daughter.

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