“That Tg1 reporter is a Russian spy” – Libero Quotidiano

“That Tg1 reporter is a Russian spy” – Libero Quotidiano
“That Tg1 reporter is a Russian spy” – Libero Quotidiano
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Daniele Dell’Orco

September 11, 2022

He officially broke the silence by using those social channels on which he quickly became an idol of the web and one of the best-known journalists for his work in Ukraine from February to today. With a lot of teasing. Now, Mattia Sorbi, freelance but regular collaborator of Repubblica, RaiUno and Radio24, after surviving the explosion of a detonated mine while traveling to Aleksandrovka, on the southern front in circumstances still shrouded in mystery, is hospitalized in one of the health facilities controlled by the Russians, and is accused by the Ukrainian authorities of being an “agent” who makes propaganda for the Russians. On his Facebook profile he writes: «Dear friends, thank you very much for your solidarity and for all the affection you are showing these days, worried about my lack of contacts. I am fine and safe, but unfortunately the communication difficulties in Ukraine prevented me from being online as usual. It will probably be like this for a few more days, but the important thing is not to have any problems. I am collecting so many stories to tell you and I will not fail to let you know! ».


In the now usual exchange of accusations between Russia and Ukraine, the versions on Sorbi’s profile and the dynamics of his accident are opposed. According to the Russian Defense Ministry, Sorbi would have chosen to get into a taxi to go to Alexandrovka, after receiving assurances about the safety of the route from the Ukrainian military, who would have slipped along the route without warning him of the presence of mines. The explosion of one of these cost the driver his life. Following the explosion, Moscow claims that some Russian soldiers, despite the enemy fire, ran to the rescue of Sorbi, wounded, to bring him to safety. Russia claims that the incident was planned by the Ukrainian secret services which allegedly manf Fattlasorbl Press mm 13 Dear Friends. thank you very much for your sofidarietd and for all the affection you are showing in these days, worried about my absence of confatti. I am fine and safe, but unfortunately the communication difficulties in lkraina prevented me from being online As usual. It will probably be bruised for a few more days. but it is important not to have problems. I am collecting holy stories to tell you and I will not fail to let you know! … Other … given Sorbi towards certain death, only to accuse Russia of murder. Yesterday, the eloquent response from Kiev, which surprisingly placed the profile of sorbs on the infamous Myrotvorets black list, edited by the government intelligence agency Security Service of Ukraine (SBU) and affiliated with the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine . For the Ukrainians Sorbi would be a “provocateur” and an agent of the enemy intent on destabilizing Ukraine by promoting the Russian narrative. Sorbi would have moved from Mykolaiv to Aleksandrovka against the consent of the Ukrainian military. In his profile on Myrotvorets, the Ukrainians recall that in 2014 Sorbi went to the other side of the front, in the pro-Russian Donbass, and collaborated with Russian newspapers such as Zvezda. In addition, he is called “homophobic” because on Tempi, in 2006, before his trip he signed an article against the “homosexual lobbies”, which reads: “The international homosexual lobby, which has its strongholds in New York, Washington DC, San Francisco and Brussels, is increasingly influential and determined to subvert the institution of the traditional family in favor of the recognition of the so-called reproductive rights of gays, lesbians, bisexuals and transsexuals “. Il Fatto Quotidiano instead recovered some posts written by Mattia Sorbi on Facebook in favor of Matteo Salvini, who was then Minister of the Interior.

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Very strange, however, that this information had been known for years but Sorbi was still accredited by Kiev to be able to work in Ukraine for months and cover the war for certainly not pro-Russian newspapers in several cities, such as Kharkiv, heavily bombed by the Russians. It is hard to imagine that the Ukrainian security services could have started to suspect Sorbi and put him on their black list only after this controversial incident that was about to cost him his life without bringing any practical advantage to the Russian cause. The Ukrainian site then, for truth’s sake, is very confusing and above all controversial not only because it publishes sensitive data, sometimes hacked, of anyone who even tries to do their journalistic work in the territories controlled by Kiev, we have even witnessed the paradox ( given the US support for the cause) with the inclusion in the list of enemies of Ukraine of the US diplomat Henry Kissinger, who had criticized, at the World Economic Forum in Davos on 23 May, some moves of the Zelensky government, coming to this accused of philoputinism. The suspicions, on the other hand, are enough for newspapers such as Repubblica which robs him of a simple “freelance collaborator” and which for weeks has been publishing dossiers on Russian interference in Italy, on spying in the Kremlin and on Moscow’s attempt to influence political elections. And one of their collaborators, for Ukraine, would be a pro-Russian agitator and agent.

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