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Prince Charles was recently crowned king. Despite this, his health conditions are already a cause for concern. In fact, it seems that he suffers from a disease for which there is no cure.

In the last period i spotlights they were married to the queen Elizabeth II. Its state of health filled with whole pages of news leaving Prince Charles aside. Despite this, it seems that too the heir to the throne not if he’s doing too well. In fact, the eldest son of the queen received enough news worrying by the doctors who have them diagnosed a very serious illness.

A news that shake even more so the royal family who finds himself living one of the sadder times in recent years. A problem that, if it gets even worse, could even cause series consequences as for his appointment to King.

The long life of royalty

It is well known that i members of the royal family have a characteristic, namely that of live much more compared to ordinary citizens. An example is the queen Elizabeth II that he has achieved 96 years old before closing his eyes forever while the mother, the queen Elizabeth Ishe died a 102 years.

Despite this record, the last months of the life of Elizabeth II they were enough anyway difficult because of her ailments that forced her to live on one for a certain period wheelchair so that he couldn’t get too tired.

And it is precisely for this reason that the sovereign made the decision to stay out of the spotlight and from the public so that no one could see her in those conditions. And this is the situation that prompted it queen to cancel all the last appointments and to spend the last days of his life peacefully.

Evil entered the life of King Charles

Elizabeth II was a woman who has held out until the end. In fact, during the last few weeks, you have participated in some celebrations important that the queen never, ever wanted to miss.

The first was hers birthday party and the second should have been i celebrations of the 70th anniversary of the reign of the woman even though the latter was unable to participate as she would have liked but enjoyed the party from window of his home.

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After his death, the eldest son Carlo was crowned king of England. A man who apparently isn’t 100% strong on him because of some Health problems with which he has to deal.

In fact, just as the Globe tabloid magazineit seems that he suffers from the Alzheimer’s disease. It was the same periodical that reported that the news came from very close people to Carlo himself.

His wife, Camilla Parker Bowles, confessed to being enough worried for the memory lapses which very often occur in the spouse. But what could happen if this diagnosis will be confirmed? Will the title of King remain with him or will it pass to the next successor?

In fact, we know very well that it is one disease to whom there is no cure, an evil that could cause many problems right now that Carlo has finally managed to reach the throne. The only sure thing is that for the time being Buckingham Palace she has not arrived no confirmation regarding the subject though, they weren’t even made denials.

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