Lufthansa, pilots’ strike: over 800 flights canceled, inconvenience for 130,000 passengers

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Lufthansa cancels 800 flights Friday 2 September in its largest hubs, Frankfurt and Munich. The reason is the pilots’ strike announced in the night. 130,000 passengers will thus be affected, according to what was communicated by the German flight company.

At the base of the action of the union representing the pilots, the Vereinigung Cockpitthere is a request for a salary increase which, according to reports, was repeatedly rejected by the company’s management. According to Lufthansa, the company has offered a one-time raise of 900 euros, equivalent to a 5% increase for senior pilots and 18% for those entering the profession. The union had asked for a 5.5% increase this year and an automatic inflation adjustment in 2023. “We fail to understand Vc’s call to strike. The management made a very good and socially balanced offer, despite the prolonged burdens due to the Covid crisis and the uncertain prospects for the global economy. This escalation is at the expense of many thousands of customers, ”he points out Michael Niggemann, chief human resources officer and labor director of Deutsche Lufthansa, in a note from the company. In recent weeks, an agreement had been reached on the salary increase for the ground staff: the measure involved about 20 thousand employees engaged in check-in and in preparing the aircraft. Wage increases are planned in three stages.

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