here is the plan to save Italy – Libero Quotidiano

here is the plan to save Italy – Libero Quotidiano
here is the plan to save Italy – Libero Quotidiano
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Vittorio Feltri

01 September 2022

Italy has a great chance. It could be the country that discovers hot water. A’cheap hot water, heated without dangers and without pollution. It is an idea of ​​fantastic simplicity, and it came to the head of two Italians of genius. They didn’t limit themselves to intuition: they planned the matter. It’s about placing deep nuclear power plants, two to three hundred meters underground. No more safety issues, no earthquakes or tsunamis, no spread of radioactivity in the event of an accident, no waste to carry around. It is not the idea of ​​two self-taught people from Portobello, of the type of that man who wanted to sweep the fog away from the Po Valley with two well-placed fans. There is a Nobel Prize in physics involved, Carlo Rubbia, which today is conducting experiments on dark matter, which being dark I don’t know what it is. And of Pietro Lunardi, who is the greatest scientist in the field of underground excavation techniques, which thanks to him today costs ten times less in the world than fifty years ago. Hearing him talk about the bowels of the planet, the dreams of Verne and Salgari with their journeys to the center of the earth seem within reach.

WORLD FIRST – This primacy of his is recognized all over the world, from China to Chile, but not in Italy, because he was wrong to embark on politics as minister of the Berlusconi government, and this is unforgivable. And I do not forgive myself, because I have some fault in having ruined his reputation. I had seen him save Valtellina from a biblical flood with a bold solution that I was sure would provoke a Vajont. I wrote against him: he won, he held no grudge. After that I proposed him as minister of public works. And I ruined it. I come to the point of the matter.

In October, Carlo Rubbia gave an interview to Giovanni Caprara for Seven. He explains with elementary arguments that by now the most advanced research is done underground, in the hollows of large mountains, because there is no radioactivity that can disturb the paths of neutrinos and other infinitesimal particles, even smaller than Ncd. thesis of other physics giants, such as one who was anything but a charlatan, Andrei Sakharov, the father of Soviet atomic research and Nobel Peace Prize, liberal anti-Communist, and therefore confined to confinement by Brezhnev. It was he who argued that the future of humanity, its energy survival in safe conditions, could not do without nuclear power, but the only way to reduce costs and dangers was to place the plants in depth. it did not provoke any political debate. Rubbia is also a senator for life, but while the ideas of his colleague Renzo Piano who wants to “mend the suburbs” are exalted, his is gone.


Months go by, I keep this thought. And here I see Lunardi again drinking a Piedmontese red. How are you, etc. I asked him about that idea of ​​underground energy. It lit up like a street lamp. And he explained to me what I mean badly here. Actually, he told me the original idea involved underground power plants, but it didn’t suit for one simple reason: in the 1950s and 1960s, safety didn’t seem like a big problem, and digging cost a lot. There didn’t seem to be a need. Today, however, maintaining and above all running a power plant has prohibitive costs precisely to guarantee maximum standards of tranquility for people who live even thousands of kilometers away. After Chernobyl and especially after Fukushima it is an indispensable duty. Today the question is the reverse of what it once was. The solution is elementary.

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The engineer professor Pietro Lunardi has designed an immense cave. And the costs of installing a power plant, redesigned for the need, no longer require prohibitive shields to prevent the impact of bombs and planes, etc. And the excavations, thanks to Lunardi’s methods, have very affordable prices. In short: a power plant instead of 6 billion euros would cost half of it. This is not theory. It is done.

ELEMENTARY SOLUTION – In Armenia, which is a country poor in natural resources, and is today at war with Azerbaijan, the solution proposed by Rubbia and Lunardi is on the agenda. The Armenians have a reactor in operation in Metsamor, in the seismic zone, and they had to redevelop the plant in 2021. Other countries are already moving to verify the feasibility of the project. In Italy? You should. But you can’t. Rubbia and Lunardi instead of bowing to the dogma of no to nuclear power, have only one dogma: to save humanity from the hole and from energy blackmail, without harming health. After all, everything concurs to prove them right. Oil goes up and down in price, and supplies today are very abundant, tomorrow they can diminish. It was risked for gas with the crisis in Ukraine. Coal is now very banned, after the famous C 21 in Paris and even hydrocarbons are frowned upon by ecologists. So? Nobody says it, but it’s nuclear power. It is the safest of all, on one condition: that it is placed underground. Since it is a reasonable solution, it is certain that it will not be done. The Italian tendency to harm herself will prevail, an atavistic instinct, a masochism due to primordial predilections to take her painfully in that place. More than anything else, in my opinion, envy dominates. We cannot bear to have debts of gratitude with fellow countrymen. We believe it is unfair that a brain has happened among us, and it is not me or at most my uncle. It is valid in all branches of art and science. The idea that there are skulls with a special bump, superior to those that circulate at Harvard or Boston, irritates us. Let alone if the genius is allied in a couple of aces, like Rubbia and Lunardi. Plague takes them, and then off, underground. Ultimately, however, they ask for nothing else. They are abyssal peaks. Let’s listen to them.

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