Robber stuns dad. And the son drowns in the river

Robber stuns dad. And the son drowns in the river
Robber stuns dad. And the son drowns in the river
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In Austria, a baby 6-year-old disabled man drowned in a river while his father, when the child was dragged by the water, was on the ground senseless. The news episode took place on Sunday around 5:20 am, in the Tyrolean town of Sankt Johann, in the west of the country, near the Kitzbüheler Ache river. The Austrian police, for the moment, speculate that the facts would have gone as follows.

While that father was taking the child for a ride in a stroller along the river, in order to calm one of the crises that the child was suffering from, a robber would attack and stunned the man. The criminal, according to the investigators, would have hit the victim in the back of the head with a bottle, causing him to lose consciousness, and then steal his mobile phone and wallet. After the attack, the minor would have gotten off the stroller by himself, but ended up in the water after a few steps. The investigators’ version, however, is not currently confirmed by any witnesses of the incident.

The alarm was raised by a passerby, who had seen the man lying on the ground and the empty stroller. Upon awakening, that father immediately asked the rescuers where his son was, but, about an hour after the investigation began along the banks of the Kitzbüheler Ache, the lifeless body of the child was found in water at almost 600 meters away from the place of the alleged robbery.

The man, of German origin, is hospitalized in a state of shock, where he will undergo psychological treatment to recover from the tragedy. However, the police have already found the cell phone and wallet of the victim in the immediate vicinity of the crime scene. However, the agents continue to reiterate that there are not yet sufficient elements to establish whether the child, before ending up in the river, was a victim of violence and perhaps killed from the unknown robber.

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