Usa, policeman kills an unarmed African American in a bed

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However, when the video was released, the police did not specify who the arrest warrant was for. “At this time it is imperative that the video of the footage and all available facts are shared for the sake of complete transparency,” said Columbus City Council President Shannon Hardin in a tweet that included the video.

The state’s Bureau of Criminal Investigation is conducting an independent investigation into the incident. The agent who shot and killed Lewis is named Ricky Anderson, who has been in the Columbus department for 30 years and assigned to the dog unit.

“The agents knocked on the door for several minutes … qualifying as Columbus cops,” Department Chief Elaine Bryant said.

The video of the body camera

he shows them knocking and repeatedly calling tenants for eight to ten minutes, even shouting the name “Donovan” several times. At that point a man opened the door and the agents stopped him along with another person. Then they released the police dog who led them to a bedroom door, Anderson opened it and immediately fired a single shot with his gun while Lewis sat on the bed.


“The agent – explained Bryant – opened fire when it seemed that the 20 year old raised his arm with something in his hand”. On the bed, however, she was found only an electronic cigarette.

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“We are committed to full transparency and we are committed to holding the officers responsible in case of offenses – said the police chief. – It is my job to make the officers answer for their actions, but it is also my job to offer them support throughout the process “.

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