Covid, in Austria the Court rejects the tests. Belgian court: “Stop the measures”

Covid, in Austria the Court rejects the tests. Belgian court: “Stop the measures”
Covid, in Austria the Court rejects the tests. Belgian court: “Stop the measures”

Covid, Vienna court: “PCR tests have no diagnostic value”

In Europe there is growing intolerance for anti-Covid tests and rules. The first controversy comes directly from the administrative court in Vienna and concerns the tampon policy in Austria. A ruling of March 24, 2021, reports the Austrian site, questions the use of test PCR, considering them not “suitable” and not diagnostically relevant. For the administrative court, which has closely studied the basics of Austrian federal government policy, Health Minister Anschober’s definition of illness is completely wrong and unfounded.

Furthermore, in a passage of the text (attached at the end of the article), the court highlights how disinformation by the mainstream media has done nothing but fuel doubts and confusion: “The health service of the city ​​of Vienna uses the words “number of cases”, “test results”, “case events” and “number of infections”. This confusion terms does not do justice to a scientific assessment of the epidemic situation. For theWHO the decisive factor is the number of infected people and not those who tested positive or other “case numbers”.

Just remember – the Austrian site tells us – that famous medical scientist John Ioannidis recently demonstrated in a new study that the average death rate from infection is only 0.15% worldwide, although there are significant local differences.

Covid, Brussels court: “Revoke all anti-Covid measures within 30 days”

Dispute also in Belgium, and this time on anti-Covid measures. According to the Brussels court, Belgium must “revoke all Coronavirus measures within 30 days”, as the legal basis for them is insufficient. The Human Rights League filed the lawsuit several weeks ago – he reports The Brussels Time– contesting the Belgian system of implementing the measures using ministerial decrees, without any contribution from the Parliament. The judge of the court, according to reports from the newspaper Le Soir, has given the Belgian state “thirty days to provide a solid legal basis, or risks a penalty of € 5,000 per day for exceeding this period, with a maximum limit of € 200,000 “.

The current measures on Coronavirus are based on the 2007 Civil Security Law, which allows the state to react quickly in “exceptional circumstances”, but the judge has now ruled that these laws cannot serve as a basis for ministerial decrees, reports The Brussels Time. “The judge ruled that the principle of legality has been violated because the current way of working is not predictable enough, “confirmed Human Rights League radio station VRT Kati Verstrepen, adding that the consequences are” not so dramatic “that from one day to the next, the measures would no longer be valid For now the anti-Covid measures in Belgium will not change, but the verdict is being studied by Interior Minister Annelies Verlinden, reports the daily De Standaard.

The presentation of the appeal against the court ruling is still possible, but since it is a summary ruling, the appeal would not suspend the execution of the ruling, reports The Brussels Time. Meanwhile, the House will have to discuss the forthcoming Belgian pandemic law, which should provide “a permanent legal basis for the adoption of this type of restrictive measure during a pandemic”. According to several legal experts, anticipating the law as soon as possible is essential to prevent judges from overturning “written fines for violating the measures”. And this sentence – concludes the Belgian daily – only increases the pressure to adopt it quickly.

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