Vienna, the most liveable city in the world for the third time



the cities considered by the



global livability

which takes into account several factors. Between these health care, crime rate, political stability, presence of infrastructures And green areas. Europe has found ample space in the

top 10

with six cities: Copenhagen and Zurich, they were ranked second and third respectively (after Vienna). Geneva sixth, German Frankfurt seventh and Dutch Amsterdam ninth. Canada also did well, confirming itself as a happy oasis, making Calgary conquer the third place tied with the Swiss city, Vancouver and Toronto respectively in fifth and eighth step. To close the top ten, with both al

tenth place

we find the Japanese


and the Australian




took 19th position, gaining 23 places compared to last year. The Belgian capital Brussels was 24th, followed by the Canadian Montreal. Surprisingly, Milan managed to overtake New York, in 51st place, and Beijing in 71st.


(Lebanon), which was devastated by a ‘

port explosion

in 2020, it is still struggling with numerous problems in infrastructure, services and transport, therefore it was excluded, together with the Ukrainian capital, from the ranking. However, despite the involvement in the war and the sanctions that have devastated the economy, they manage to find a place in Russian cities.


he loses fifteen positions and reaches 80th place, a little further down St. Petersburg.

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