“The virus is at the beginning of its evolution, caution is needed against variants” – Corriere.it

“The virus is at the beginning of its evolution, caution is needed against variants” – Corriere.it
“The virus is at the beginning of its evolution, caution is needed against variants” – Corriere.it
from Ilaria Capua

The virologist: «Sars-CoV-2 has already infected over 50 species. It will never be the same as before the pandemic “

Just as the controversies over the yes or no mask are raging, at a time when it seems that everyone has taken Covid 19, it seems to me that human myopia has again replaced common sense. Sars-Cov-2 will not disappear either during or after the summer. Sars Cov-2 is a virus at the beginning of its race towards endemization, it is at the beginning of a macrocycle that will last for years and years, certainly decades; but I believe even centuries. On the other hand, measles (also the son of one spillover) this is where he has been keeping us company for over two thousand years. The woodworm that stirs souls between anguish and liberation is: what will happen in the autumn? Will it be necessary to put the mask back on? Will we need to get revaccinated? Will there be any new lockdowns?

Let’s start with the hateful lockdown: This is an extreme measure used only when there is a risk of the hospital system collapsing. It is a real extreme remedy: the virus does not stop its run and the only thing to do is to physically stop people precisely because the virus does not travel alone but on board people. But then the masks and the other unbearable preventive measures? We know, the less we use them and the greater the risk of massive traffic with the consequences we have experienced in the last two years.

Let’s put our soul in peace, because the beginning of the evolutionary macrocycle of this virus is in its infancy. We have over 50 species of animals that have become infected, and in some species the virus has become endemic. Alas, to almost everyone’s surprise, in less than a year the virus infected dogs, cats, minks, hippos and wild deer populations in over 20 American states. What is happening in the populations of domestic and wild animals around the world is not known (there are significant data only in Europe and the United States). In addition, the virus gallops where the vaccine has not arrived and there are no conditions to implement other non-pharmacological prevention measures.

So what should we expect, in the coming winter that already seems dark and cold to us, certainly not due to the misdeeds of Sars-Cov-2? It is to be expected that, like any self-respecting coronavirus, new variants or serotypes will emerge (one more degree away) also through the mechanism of recombination, which is typical of this viral family. In short, harlequin viral strains could appear with properties unknown to us.

We will have to chase them, we will have to have restrictions imposed on us or worse than the new lockdowns? Should we fear for a new winter of anguish? As much as you hate having to write it, the new normal it will not be as it was before the pandemic; because we will have to fix our lives in the presence of this enemy turned sneaky. The enemy who not only risks hurting you, but also keeping you stuck at home, blowing up the convivial moments we have been waiting for so long.

But there is more and I think we are appreciating it in these days of transport chaos. The workers in the high mobility sector who are ill or infected cannot go back to work and thus delays are generated in the security and check-in operations which generate gigantic queues-gathering in many Italian and European airports. These are precisely those situations that favor contagion and amplify the risk of spreading the emerging variants.

It seems paradoxical to me that in the face of a new potential wave epidemic against which we know what to do, we ignore the behaviors that are annoying, but they work. Against other violent, bloody and terrifying contemporary threats, on the other hand, I do not see behaviors that single individuals – I mean citizens – can implement and expect the same result. That is, they work.

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