the suspicion of Moni Ovadia in Controcorrente – Il Tempo

the suspicion of Moni Ovadia in Controcorrente – Il Tempo
the suspicion of Moni Ovadia in Controcorrente – Il Tempo

It is one thing to change your mind, another to renounce your principles. The split within the 5 Star Movement caused a political earthquake and its repercussions are discussed on Wednesday 22 June at Controcorrente, the program conducted on Rete 4 by Veronica Gentili. The actor and playwright Moni Ovadia is called upon to comment on the move by Luigi Di Maio, who is founding autonomous groups in the Chamber and the Senate.

“I am old enough to know the parables of human beings – Ovadia said – many are born arsonists and end up firefighters. This is the parable of Luigi Di Maio”. There is a difference, though. “Changing ideas is a sign of intelligence”, of the ability to reflect on mistakes, he argues. “Changing the principles is another thing. A man who changes the principles should retire to private life and keep very low profile – it is the lunge of the actor – Instead when one has immediately changed the principles and is already ready again to throwing myself into the political arena, this thing makes me suspicious. But it is typical of human beings “, concludes Ovadia.

Doubts and suspicions about the Dimaian secession have been spreading since the beginning of the parliamentary scouting of the Foreign Minister, with many observers who see the operation linked to the need to overcome the constraint of the double mandate in the 5 Star Movement and try to secure a place in Parliament.

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