the trick to continue supplying Europe

the trick to continue supplying Europe
the trick to continue supplying Europe

Transponders off, ships that disappear from the radar or that change name and flag in order not to be identified. They seem like legends or stories of pirates, but in reality they are all tricks that use the ships of the Russian oil companies to continue selling oil to Europe and the West by circumventing sanctions. To reveal it is a report published by dell ‘Organized Crime and Corruption Reporting Project which demonstrates how the ships of the Russian company Sovcomflot continue to sail the oceans and deliver Russian oil to western ports. In fact, some ships have been tracked in Italian, Danish and Dutch ports in recent months. How did they do it?

Transponders off and ships disappearing from radar

Russian company Sovcomflot is the largest Russian shipping company and has 18 tankers carrying $ 240 million of fuel each. Sovcomflot, was sanctioned by the US and the EU in February, but an analysis of company records and ship tracking by the Organized Crime and Corruption Reporting Project shows that crude oil deliveries continue. According to the report, the Sovcomflot tankers circumvented the sanctions using various tricks: some ships, once they left, turned off their transponders, disappearing from the real-time marine traffic monitoring websites. The same ships “reappear” then in the ports of other states (such as South Africa) from which they leave after having changed their name and change their name.

Chinese boxes to hide Russian ownership

Among the techniques used to continue selling oil in the West there is obviously also an opaque and complex ownership structure that allows to “shield” and hide the real owners of the ships. Socvomflot vessels, despite being owned by the Russian state company, are registered with subsidiary companies based in Cyprus and the United Arab Emirates and sail under the Liberian flag, a country considered a “maritime tax haven”.

“It is nearly impossible to trace ownership in Russia, especially as Sovcomflot is changing ship names and apparently turning off GPS tracking in some countries,” said Professor Ricardo Soares, a specialist in international politics and finance at the University of Oxford.

In this way, Moscow continues to deliver and sell its oil on international markets and to supply itself with a flow of precious Western currency that is boosting the coffers of the state in a particularly difficult moment.

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