suspicion-shock on a European leader – Libero Quotidiano

suspicion-shock on a European leader – Libero Quotidiano
suspicion-shock on a European leader – Libero Quotidiano

There are many discussions that concern Alina Kabaevathe alleged mistress of Vladimir Putin, rumors that have been chasing her since the conflict in Ukraine broke out. And once again the 39-year-old former gymnast has returned to the center of media attention. The reason? According to the British tabloid Daily MailAlina would have set up house, indeed houses, right in Turkeythe NATO member country that wants to be accredited abroad as a fundamental key to achieving peace in Ukraine.

Putin’s lover owns two luxury homes, one in southern Turkey and an apartment in Istanbul. To reveal this news, which certainly will not have made the Tsar happy, would have been some indiscretions launched by Leonid Nevzlinan Israeli businessman of Russian origin and former co-owner of the oil giant Yukoos, as well as one of Putin’s main enemies.

What arouses most suspicion, however, is the choice of the president Erdogan, premier of Turkey, whose attitude towards Putin’s Russia is fluctuating. In fact, to buy the two residences, Alina would have been supported by an intermediary and the help of a close collaborator of the Turkish President. In short, which side is Erdogan on? Certainly, nowadays, Alina can only buy a house in Europe in Turkey given the latest sanctions given by Great Britain, the European Union and Canada precisely because of her ambiguous ties with Putin.

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