“Kaliningrad, what will happen in mid-July”. Extreme scenario – Libero Quotidiano

“Kaliningrad, what will happen in mid-July”. Extreme scenario – Libero Quotidiano
“Kaliningrad, what will happen in mid-July”. Extreme scenario – Libero Quotidiano

We are on day 110 of war in Ukrainebut second Paolo Mieli we have to prepare for a conflict that is still very, very long. Guest in connection with Tagada on La7, the editorialist of Corriere della Sera and historian of vaglia brakes on the parallel between today and the triggering of the Second World War. “The Nazis in Poland? It is as if the Russians today want to take the corridor leading to Kaliningradwhich is already theirs “.

The question is another. “Kaliningrad, precisely because it is surrounded by NATO countries like Lithuania And Polandit’s a explosive zone. The Lithuanian move is a way to go to Ukraine’s aid, to say that the history of Ukraine does not end there. To say to the Russians: ‘Don’t think that if you exterminate all Ukrainians and take the Donbass you can rest assured “. In fact, there are” unexpectedly heavy “sanctions at stake, especially as the Russian conquest of the East is struggling.” And if the Ukrainians were able to recover Kherson as already done with Kharkivthen the situation would be very open “.

Mieli, the prophecy on war: watch the video of Tagadà

It means, Mieli translates, that “the view of Westerners according to which it would be enough to leave the Donbass to the Russians would be colossal nonsense (any reference to Professor Alessandro Orsini it doesn’t seem random, ed). From a military point of view the situation is still very open and according to forecasts the war will last still all summerWhy in mid-July the new American weapons will arrive in Kiev and the Russians will respond with other weapons “. Thinking of a Ukrainian surrender to the invading army, the former director of Corsera cut short, is utopia, because” there is no peace there “.

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