Doctor removes the wrong eye during surgery, the patient is now blind

Doctor removes the wrong eye during surgery, the patient is now blind
Doctor removes the wrong eye during surgery, the patient is now blind

A wrong surgery that made him completely lose his sight. It happened to a patient who had an operation on his good eye in Slovakia and is now blind.

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He decided to undergo an operation ai eyes due to a cancer that had damaged his life in one eye, but during the operation something went wrong because the patient woke up completely blind when he woke up. It is a story of medical malpractice that comes from Slovakia and on which Ružinov hospital to Bratislava has decided to initiate an investigation.

According to the local press, the patient, a 50-year-old man, he allegedly underwent surgery on an eye whose vision had been damaged by the consequences of cancer. A necessary decision according to the doctors who thus brought him to the operating room where doctor Alena was at the head of the team. But something went wrong and so the man was covered with his sick eye, leaving his good eye to go under the knife. It is only when he wakes up that the man, realizing that he cannot see in both eyes, has feared the mistake in the hospital.

“The hospital has provided the patient and his family with full cooperation to mitigate the consequences, both medical, psychological and social – said Eva Kliská, spokesperson for the University Hospital of Bratislava, to which the structure belongs – we are very sorry for what happened and we will do everything to stay close to the patient’s family “.

The same hospital, after the complaint of the man’s family, started one internal investigation. Meanwhile, Dr. Alena, who led the operation, will no longer work with patients. The hospital can also impose a financial penalty or a ban on practicing the health profession for a maximum of one year. While the police launched an investigation to shed light on the incident.

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