Macron’s minister accused of gynecological violence

Macron’s minister accused of gynecological violence
Macron’s minister accused of gynecological violence

There is no peace for Emmanuel Macron’s government. After the accusations of sexual violence that have fallen on ministers Gérald Darmanin and Damien Abadsul, and the disappointing electoral result that gave him a Parliament without a majority, a new, heavy accusation falls on a member of the government: the Paris prosecutor has opened an investigation for gynecological violence against the Minister for Development, Chrysoula Zacharopoulou.

A doctor famous in France for his efforts against endometriosis, Zacharopoulou was formally denounced by two women, who claim to have suffered violence while being examined by the future minister. The first complaint was filed on May 25 and the investigation was opened two days later, before a second one dated June 16 for the same type of facts. According to the weekly Marianne, the facts disputed in Zacharopoulou were committed in the context of her profession as a gynecologist.

The AFP collected the testimony of a third girl who accused the minister of gynecological violence and who claimed to have experienced the moment of the visit “at least as a sexual assault”. The young woman has not yet filed a complaint. “I told myself that no one would believe me, but today is different,” she said, adding that she was “hesitant” to do so.

Sonia Bisch, founder of StopVOGfr, a collective against obstetric and gynecological violence, told AFP that she had “received three testimonies” concerning the minister, dating back to 2013, 2016 and 2020, evoking “the gynecological violence suffered by three other patients who have not filed a complaint “.

Zacharopoulou, elected MEP in 2019 on the Renaissance list, Macron’s party, was a member of the women’s rights commission, and has been a long-time doctor on the subject of endometriosis.

It is not the prime minister of the new government appointed by Macron who is accused of sexual assault. In recent months, there was the case of the head of the Interior Darmanin, whose rape charge should, however, be dismissed at the request of the Prosecutor’s Office. The affair of the Minister of Solidarity Abad, also accused of rape, is more delicate. The Paris prosecutor’s office said it had not opened a preliminary investigation “at present”, but the testimony against him is embarrassing the government. And the Elysée.

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