Putin, ready to invade Lithuania? Belarus prepares the trenches at the border. Usa: “An attack would be world war”

Putin, ready to invade Lithuania? Belarus prepares the trenches at the border. Usa: “An attack would be world war”
Putin, ready to invade Lithuania? Belarus prepares the trenches at the border. Usa: “An attack would be world war”

Trenches along the borders with Lithuania, Ukraine and Poland. So the Belarus is preparing the invasion of Russia. The latest details on the operations of Lukashenko’s military units were provided by the Telegram Belaruski Gajun channel. On the map you can see all the moats and fortifications built so far. Meanwhile, the Belarusian army continues its military exercises. And on June 22, a “mobilization exercise” was announced in regions close to Ukraine. The leader of the Belarusian regime, Lukashenko, is on a (unannounced) visit to Russia today and will stay there until tomorrow, where he will communicate with Russian President Putin in an informal context.

Russia, the failure of the air force: held back by its own weapons

Putin and the war on Lithuania, what can happen

The escalation between Russia and Lithuania started with Kaliningrad. Former Prussian territory on the Baltic Sea which Moscow acquired after the Second World War. This heavily militarized district has long been a Russian thorn in the side of the Born. However, it remained partially dependent on supplies from railways crossing neighboring Lithuania, which announced last week that some of these supplies would be curtailed in accordance with sanctions imposed by the European Union. A new Russian threat to target “residents of Lithuania” has drawn attention to the American commitment to fight alongside NATO allies who should be attacked.

The response from the United States

“Lithuania is a member of the NATO alliance,” said State Department spokesman Ned Price. «We maintain the commitments we have made to the NATO alliance. This includes, of course, the commitment to respect Article 5: it is the foundation of the NATO alliance ”. Price preceded this warning with a scornful remark about “Russian swords or bluster.” The pairing would seem to reflect the fact that the unease over the heightened military tensions related to the war in Ukraine has been conditioned by the awareness that Russia is much more likely to use such threats for propaganda purposes than to risk a direct confrontation with the transatlantic alliance. .

The Kaliningrad Concern

“The people of Kaliningrad are really worried … They feel worse things are coming, and the Kremlin is obviously under pressure to show that it is doing something and is in control, and is fighting back,” he said. the governor of Kaliningrad Anton Alikhanov. Russia has the ability to reroute deliveries by sea or by air, although switching to air routes carries other risks. “I don’t know how long those planes will have if they don’t have maintenance parts, because their civil aviation industry is very, very dependent on Western expertise.”

The reasons behind the clash

According to Europeans, Russia’s denunciation of Lithuania has a dual purpose: on the one hand it is linked to the Kremlin’s claims that the invasion of Ukraine was made necessary by NATO hostility, on the other it channels the internal Russian consternation at the external situation.

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