Germany has activated the second phase of its contingency plan to prepare for the blockade of Russian gas supplies

On Thursday the government of Germany, one of the European countries most dependent on Russian natural gas, activated the second phase of the emergency plan for the possible lack of energy supplies that it had introduced last March. The plan serves to prepare the country for the eventuality that Russia suspends gas exports, and its second phase includes a series of economic measures to incentivize lower gas consumption, save on existing supplies and increase the level in storage facilities. . The phase just activated is the penultimate of the emergency plan, that of “alarm”: the most significant is the last, the third, which is the “emergency” phase and involves gas rationing.

Together with the recent decision to reopen some coal-fired power plants that had been decommissioned, the activation of the second phase of the emergency plan is a signal that the hypothesis of an interruption in gas supplies from Russia is starting to seem concrete to the government. German.

The second phase, specifically, requires the government to make 15 billion euros available as economic incentives for companies to reduce their gas consumption. In the event that the last phase of emergency were to be activated, supplies would be cut first of all to some production sectors, giving priority to the structures that need them most, such as hospitals or private homes (in Germany, about half are heated with natural gas, in Italy almost 70 per cent).

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