“Surprising the failure of the Russians in the sky”: the general’s thrust

“Surprising the failure of the Russians in the sky”: the general’s thrust
“Surprising the failure of the Russians in the sky”: the general’s thrust

If up to now we have also and above all dealt with the organizational problems and the lack of ammunition with which the Russians are struggling, another little debated aspect has been the very low contribution deriving from the hunting and other military aircraft. Why was the great Russia so “poor”, from this point of view, in the conflict in Ukraine that began on February 24th? Even insiders like the general are surprised Charles BrownChief of Staff of the United States Air Force: in a conference at the Hudson Institute in Washington he stated that “the inability of the Russian Air Force to gain air control over Ukraine and its struggles to operate effectively against Ukrainian air defenses are among the greatest surprises of the four-month war. “.

“Russia has failed”

Russia’s failure to bring down the Ukrainian aircraft and in overcoming their anti-aircraft barriers helped to derail Moscow’s initial ground offensive, an outcome that the US Air Force Chief of Staff described as “particularly unusual” because the Russians should be well trained in these systems. and know them practically by heart. “I think for me it is amazing for the Russians because the systems they are going against are their systems“said the general.”They should know them well enough and how to defeat them“.

What went wrong

While it is true that Ukrainians still use somewhat dated aircraft such as the Su-24 and Su-25 and MiG-29 and Su-27 fighters, Putin’s army not only has more modern of these jets but also owns further fighters and attack aircraft most of which had already been used on the eve of the conflict that began four months ago. On the other hand, however, Kiev is not so foolish because it owns and operates air defense systems and missiles of Soviet or Russian origin, some of which have been donated by neighboring countries. This is how they managed to shoot down Russian fighters with their own design system as well as capture anti-aircraft weapons from Putin’s army.

The reason of failure in the skies, therefore, it is twofold: the lack of Russian familiarity or training with the remarkable knowledge and command of the Ukrainians. In any case, the lack of large-scale Russian air strikes left observers puzzled and led analysts to conclude that the Russian Air Force was not as capable as previously believed. As we read on BusinessInsiderRussia’s inability to suppress and destroy Ukrainian air defenses also caused a sensation, seen as a serious deficiency that reduced the ability of Russian ground forces to rapidly seize the territory.

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