Leaving the European Union is not a good idea

Leaving the European Union is not a good idea
Leaving the European Union is not a good idea

Six years ago the British voted in favor of Brexit, two years ago the divorce agreement between the UK and the European Union was found, signed and approved, and today we find ourselves wondering: how did it all go so wrong in such a short time? And no, it is not a question of the 48 per cent who voted in 2016 for the UK to remain within the EU, it is not the usual complaint of those who were not in favor of divorce then and still have not given a reason today. . Indeed, if there is one thing that all the British (including Europeans, but with more effort) have tried to do in these six years, it was: accept. Accept that the referendum decision, however hasty and imaginative, had been made and that therefore the task of the country’s leaders was to make it work. Brexit just isn’t working. For reasons that have to do with the thoughtlessness with which it was thought to be able to leave a community that resembles a family without paying a high price, but also with the structural weaknesses of the United Kingdom that have been ignored by the leadership for at least a decade. English. The government of Boris Johnson, which won the elections with the slogan “Brexit done” and which signed the agreement with the EU on the separation, says that the pandemic and the war have weighed and weigh much more on the Kingdom than Brexit, but not even he finds a number, an indicator that gives him reason: he must resort to the inspiration of imperialist globalization to talk about the future. Or blame the anti-Brexit for boycotting the project. But you too will agree that today, with Putin’s invasion of Ukraine, the energy crisis, the food crisis and one of the most attended strikes in the Kingdom, that of trains and subways, it seems to have plunged back into the seventies and eighties, more what a future and promises of prosperity. And it is no coincidence that precisely in those years the reticent and insular English kingdom had decided to throw itself into the arms of the European community: perhaps even then many thought that it would not last forever, but that it could go so badly they did not even wish it. the Eurosceptics. What happened then?

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