“He has embarked on a path that will lead him to his end”

“He has embarked on a path that will lead him to his end”
“He has embarked on a path that will lead him to his end”

Mikhail Khodorkovsky he has very clear ideas when he talks about Vladimir Putin. Once the richest man Russia, for years he has become one of its major dissidents. The decade in prison made him one of the symbols of resistance to the tsar and he lives on today London (since 2015). “If we fail to deal with this scourge in Ukraine, we will have to deal with it in other territories,” she said in an interview with the Financial Times. The Kremlin’s next step will be the air blockade of Lithuania. It will allow Russian aviation to fly directly between Russia and Kaliningrad ».

At that point, explains Khodorkovsky, the Born he will have to ask himself how to behave. «For sure, Putin will eventually lose. If he wins now in Ukraine, he will start a war with NATO. And he’ll eventually lose that war. If it weren’t for so many victims, I would have said that I’m actually quite happy, because he has embarked on a path that will lead him to his end. But this specific victory in Ukraine depends entirely on the West. If the West fails now, it could face a very long and hot border in Europe, 2,500 km long ”.

Putin, is war with NATO possible? Victory in Ukraine and “internal problems”: this is why the Tsar is thinking about it

The Russian oligarchs

The theme then become the Russian oligarchs. “Abramovich and others whom you call oligarchs in the West, I see them as Putin’s agents. They may have no influence on Putin, but they have many levers in their hands to influence public opinion and politics in the West. This is why Putin has an interest in them as an instrument of influence. Abramovich? I think Putin gave him the green light to participate in the talks, so that Abramovich could protect himself from sanctions ».

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