Gas, will the rationing be triggered? Because the heating of private homes is more at risk than industries-

Gas, will the rationing be triggered? Because the heating of private homes is more at risk than industries-
Gas, will the rationing be triggered? Because the heating of private homes is more at risk than industries-

A detailed study by Confindustria, taken up by Quotidiano Energia, shows the projections on rationing in the event that the gas supply from Russia were to go to zero. An unlikely scenario because Moscow would deprive itself of financial revenues, now very high given the spot price of the Amsterdam market close to 130 euros per megawatt hour. But it is clear that it is also necessary to prepare for the eventuality that Russian gas fails from the arrival point of Tarvisio. For this reason, the Minister of Ecological Transition, Roberto Cingolani, has given a mandate to operators to increase coal purchases in coordination with Terna to send the country’s six plants to the maximum, if needed, 4 of which are managed by Enel. , one from A2a, the last from the Czechs of Eph in Porto Torres.

An analysis, presented yesterday by the vice-president and energy delegate of Confindustria Aurelio Regina, in which very strong concerns are expressed not only for the consequences of the Ukraine-Russia conflict, but also for the recent water crisis, which is becoming increasingly serious for the Italian production system, especially for the production of electricity. Confindustria first of all focused attention on storage, given the real risk of not being able to guarantee the filling of the deposits of 80-90% envisaged by the EU Commission. Consequently, Regina called for a last resort intervention.

The Committee was therefore asked to evaluate a census of factories and plants which would be exempted from the effective reduction of consumption in the event of an emergency and to initiate a careful examination of the industrial production cycles in order to prepare a possible intervention plan capable of defining an order of merit on the timing and method of interruption of the industrial sector. The plan should identify not only the sectors for which it is impossible to interrupt the gas supply for technical reasons related to the production cycle and safety and protection of the plant or which require a progressive reduction ramp, but also those relating to ‘essential’ productions. regardless of their technical interruptibility.

But the industrial sector should not be the only one to bear the burden of any cuts in supplies. The entire civil, commercial and tertiary sector will have to do its part by reducing consumption and using the heating system correctly. During the peak winter period this sector shows the highest demand for gas, with consumption (over 140 million cubic meters / day) more than double that of industrial ones (61 million cubic meters per day). In short, industrial production should not be stopped or reduced without first adopting measures aimed at containing consumption in the civil sector.

The third request of the association to the Ctem to make common cause for the upstream of gas, since in the absence of interventions, Italian production will decline from 3.5 billion cubic meters in 2021 to no more than 2 billion cubic meters in 2025 and less than 1 billion cubic meters per year in the last part of the decade. Confindustria believes it is possible to reach a production of between 6 and 8 billion cubic meters per year starting from 2025 with interventions such as the optimization of the production of concessions currently operating both on land and at sea, the promotion of new projects already prepared for existing titles in the Strait of Sicily and in the Adriatic, the review of the Pitesai and other regulatory constraints and the streamlining of the authorization processes.

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