the video of the escape of the 126 panicked passengers

Accident on the runway after landing, plane catches fire: the video of the escape of the 126 passengers on board, in a panic

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Terror on the track. An airplane of the company of Santo DomingoRed Air, caught fire shortly after landing at You love me, in Florida. There were 126 passengers on board: some of them were hospitalized.

What happened

According to National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB), the US government agency charged with investigating civil aviation accidents, the cart left of the plane would have detached during landing.

As a result, the plane would skid before coming to a stop on a meadow, where it has caught fire.

How many are the injured

According to what was communicated by the rescuers, among the 126 passengers there would be evacuees 3 people hospitalized.

Luckily, none of them are in serious condition.

Investigations ongoing

L’fire it would have been caused by the friction between the nose of the plane and the runway.

The messenger was promptly reached by three emergency vehicles that turned off the flames.

The Civil Aviation authorities have announced that they have opened an investigation to shed light on the incident.

The plane is part of a branch of the Venezuelan company Laser Airilines, unable to make direct flights from Caracas to sanctions imposed by the USA.

There were 126 people on board, mostly Venezuelan.

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