In Ecuador, the authorities have lost control of the city of Puyo, the center of anti-government protests for days

On Wednesday in Ecuador, where protests against the conservative government of President Guillermo Lasso have been going on for days, Interior Minister Patricio Carrillo declared at a press conference that the authorities have lost control of the city of Puyo, which has been in recent days the center of the protests. In Puyo, which is located in the center of the country, 70 thousand people live and the protests have been going on very hard for days: among other things, the demonstrators attacked the local police station and ransacked shops and businesses, and one of them he was killed in the fighting. Carrillo said 18 agents are missing and that the government “is no longer able to maintain public order” in the city.

The protests in Ecuador started on June 13th, caused by various structural problems in the country, such as unemployment, poverty, inefficiency of the health system, government corruption and an economic crisis exacerbated by rising levels of inflation. The Confederation of Indigenous Nationalities of Ecuador (Conaie), a movement created in 1986 to bring together various indigenous peoples of the country, organized the demonstrations, which began peacefully and then degenerated also due to clashes with the police. Protests are taking place across the country, with thousands of protesters involved.

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