The replica, to be framed, by Mario Draghi in the Chamber

The replica, to be framed, by Mario Draghi in the Chamber
The replica, to be framed, by Mario Draghi in the Chamber

“Between being pacifists and wanting peace there is a big difference. Sanctions and the sending of weapons are used by Ukraine to defend freedom and democracy”. Here is the premier’s speech

We publish the reply offered by the Prime Minister, Mario Draghi, to the debate following his report in the Chamber, in view of the European Council which will take place between Thursday and Friday.

In general, rather than responding to individual points, I would like to make some considerations on what I think is the dominant theme of your interventions, with some exceptions. So, first of all, I thank the Chamber of Deputies for the support. First, to help Ukraine defend freedom and democracy. According to, to continue with the sanctions against the invading country. Third, to support the purchasing power of Italians. Fourth, to prepare with all the others the reconstruction of Ukraine. Fifth, to support his candidate status in the European Union. Sixth, to seek a lasting peace that respects the rights, will and freedom in Ukraine. Honorable Fratoianni, Italy and I personally seek this peace, we have sought it from the beginning, but in order to sit down and begin to outline a peace plan, it is necessary that a party that is continuing the war today, seeking positions of advantage – and only when these advantageous positions within Ukraine, occupying part of Ukraine, are stabilized – for this part, only then, can we begin to talk about peace. The position of the other side, however, is to say: “No, sorry, you have come to my house, first of all you have to go, then we will talk about peace”. They are two irreconcilable positions.

I don’t know where I was, if in the sixth or the seventh, however, the other point is important, really important: try to do everything to avoid the tragedy of the food crisis in the poorest countries in the world. Basically, I thank you for the support to continue on the path outlined by Legislative Decree 14 of 2022. I thank you, because this support has been united, with some exceptions. I would like to say a few words to the exceptions and I would also like to thank these dissonant voices, in particular Mr Fassina and Mr Maniero, because they actually help us, they stimulate us to reflect on some points. Sanctions: are they effective, are they not effective? When I say they are effective, I repeat what all international organizations tell me; I have the feeling, from all the data, that they are very effective and, indeed, that they will become even more effective this summer. From all the signs from the Russian side, this is the evidence: a great concern that is growing. The second point raised by Mr Maniero concerns fertilizers. You are right, I raised this point three and a half months ago with the European Commission and I’m waiting for an answer. This is the point and I will raise it again at the next European Council.

Apart from these important points of reflection, there is a fundamental difference between two points of view: based on one, my essentially, Ukraine must defend itself. The sanctions, the sending of weapons are for this. The other point of view is different: Ukraine must not defend itself, we must not carry out sanctions, we must not send weapons; Russia is too strong, why fight it? Let it come in, let Ukraine submit; after all, what do these want? The second point concerns what I have repeatedly called a humanitarian tragedy deriving from famine, from the food crisis that is about to hit countries, those who have the least of all in the world, those who are the poorest; but of course the fault lies with the sanctions, the fault lies with Europe … No! The fault lies with Russia who declared war on Ukraine! That said, the support, as I said, has been very close and unity is essential in these moments. It is essential in these moments, because the decisions that must be taken are very difficult, it is essential because these decisions concern the war, but they also concern our internal economic and social situation; they are not easy situations, therefore, unity is fundamental for this. Like yesterday, I would like to make a personal consideration. Some of these decisions, especially when they see Italy involved, albeit indirectly in a war situation, are important, complex and profound decisions also from a personal point of view, they have very deep, very complicated moral implications and, therefore, yours. support is crucial and thank you.

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