“Castrating and killing gays”: the shocking accusations against Putin’s soldiers

“Castrating and killing gays”: the shocking accusations against Putin’s soldiers
“Castrating and killing gays”: the shocking accusations against Putin’s soldiers

New and heavy allegations of war crimes and atrocities committed by Russians in Ukrainian territory also come from an American investigator on a mission in the city of Sumy. On social media he is known as “Peg Leg”, his real name is Tim M. and he is a military consultant who has a long history in tracking down human traffickers around the world, especially victims kidnapped in Eastern Europe and areas of the former Soviet Union. Well, the story of him is chilling. “D.to what I have seen, there is a vile agenda anti-gay including a plan to castrate and kill them “.

“Worse than you think”

Very serious accusations against Putin’s men that also concern “lesbians and anyone else“added the investigator interviewed by Lgbtq Nation. Not being able to disclose the details in order not to compromise the integrity of the investigation, Peg Leg adds that “it’s a lot worse than people can imagine in the United States. We have videos, eyewitness accounts, we have evidence and this is the kind of thing that would be front page news in all the papers if it happened on a random Saturday night in Las Vegas.“. So, the war crimes already full-blown and which led to the first, symbolic, life sentence of the” child soldier “, there is also a real hunt for homosexual Ukrainians.

“They find gays repulsive”

The investigator does not send them to say and increases the dose. “From intelligence reports, culturally and from field work, we know that Russians find homosexuality absolutely repulsive and against the laws of nature“. There are allegedly numerous victims of sexually assaulted men. Russian soldiers are defined as” psychotic “because”they think they are defending culture and religion, while in reality they are committing crimes that deserve life imprisonment or worse“. In short, when we say that the worst never ends it’s not a cliché. The task, now, is”destigmatizing the fear of being gay, of being lesbian“not to be afraid to go and talk to the Ukrainian authorities and report.

Kiev’s investigations

Peg Leg has already collected numerous criminal evidence against Putinians regardless of whether they attack civilians “with chemicals, bombs or acid“, and independently”by whom they maim, kill or torture“. The message is clear: give justice to every person who is a victim of violence in Ukraine”no matter what gender, no matter who they sleep with, as long as your readers understand, whatever happens, we’ll get justice“. As we saw in Giornale.it, the war crimes committed by the Russians also involved dozens of cases of children as denounced by the Commissioner for Human Rights of Ukraine, Lyudmila Denisova. The large-scale investigations in Kiev have already begun and are fully operational but it will take time for each culprit to be caught and brought to justice forever.

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