The Bulgarian parliament voted no confidence in Prime Minister Kiril Petkov

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On Wednesday, with 123 votes in favor and 116 against, the Bulgarian parliament voted no confidence in the government of Prime Minister Kiril Petkov, who had won the elections seven months ago with the anti-corruption party “We continue the change” and led a coalition formed along with three other parties. Now Petkov or the opposition parties will have to try to form a new government majority. If they fail, as is likely to happen, Bulgarian President Rumen Radev will have to call new elections: it would be the fourth from April 2021.

The vote of no confidence was expected and partly predictable: the government led by Petkov, which had momentarily interrupted a political crisis that had lasted for some time, had been in the balance since the beginning of June. That is since the comedian and TV presenter Slavi Trifonov had withdrawn his populist party “There is such a people” from the ruling coalition, mainly due to disagreements related to the management of public spending and the unblocking of the procedure for joining the Union European of North Macedonia (Bulgaria had so far opposed this possibility, while Petkov had adopted more open and possible positions). The coalition led by Petkov had thus lost the majority, and the vote was reached due to his distrust.

Petkov, 42, had won the elections last November, after a year and a half of protests and instability: a Harvard graduate economist and finance minister in the outgoing technical government, he co-founded the party he led with economist Stefan Yanev. the ruling coalition. He had gained credibility by leveraging the deadlock in Bulgaria, the poorest country in the European Union, as well as the scandals and corruption linked to the previous center-right prime minister, Bojko Borisov.

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