Attack on several fronts: this is how Kiev tries to weaken the Russians

Attack on several fronts: this is how Kiev tries to weaken the Russians
Attack on several fronts: this is how Kiev tries to weaken the Russians

The Russians advance. They are stronger (for now) but Zelensky’s army is certainly not inexperienced, compliant and does not raise the white flag. The Ukrainian strategy is that of weary Putin’s men tried by months of war in which they have always struggled, so much so that the military objectives achieved are very few compared to the proclamations on the eve. In recent days there has been a renewed optimism similar to what happened in the spring, between March and April, when the conflict seemed to be turning in favor of the hosts.

The Ukrainian defense

Thanks also to Western aid, the Ukrainians try to attack the Russians on several fronts in order to try to weaken them. In the last few hours, the consolidation of the defenses in the region of LuhanskEastern Ukraine, and the gradual liberation of Kherson, to the south, as declared by Ukrainian President Zelensk in a video message. “The situation on the front line has not changed significantly. With the help of tactical movements, the Ukrainian army is strengthening its defenses in the Luhansk region “, adding that the situation is still difficult. More optimism in the southern area where “we defend our Mykolaiv region, our Zaporizhzhia, we gradually liberate the Kherson region“Zelensky added.

The attack on the Russians

But it is not just a defense: as we saw in, the Ukrainians attacked the island of the Snakes and some drones of Kiev burned one of the largest and most important oil refineries in Novoshakhtinsk, southern Russia on the border with Ukraine. For Moscow this is one of the worst blows more than anything else from a symbolic point of view due to the ease with which its defense system was violated. The governor of Rostov, Vasily Golubev, said that they were found in the area “scrap drones“and after a few hours the fire was put out.

The missiles of Kiev

British intelligence confirmed that Ukrainian soldiers have “largely neutralized“the Russian threat in the northwestern Black Sea. The report that the Ministry of Defense published Twitter points out that Kiev has successfully used the missiles anti-ship Harpoon arrived from Western countries and managed to destroy the Russian tugboat “Vasily Bekh” which was being refueled near the Isle of Snakes. As the Corriere della Serathen, the bombs launched by other Ukrainian drones and directed to a Russian gas platform about 100 kilometers from Odessa in the middle of the Black Sea have also done damage. Ukrainians who have not regained strength for some days but are slowly regaining small portions of territory.

The most significant advances, however, come from the borders of Kherson. “I am sure that in the next few weeks Kherson will be liberated by the Russians. The situation is the same in the direction of Melitopol. Our armed forces have already moved forward more than 10 kilometers from Zaporizhia to Melitopol “, said the mayor of Melitopol, Ivan Fedorov, quoted by the site UNIAN, adding that thanks to the new supply of weapons Melitopol can be released: “A large supply of Western weapons has arrived, which brings us closer to victory. I hope that in the near future it will be enough to liberate our occupied cities and save our inhabitants“.

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