Medvedev: “Low-level EU leader, Draghi is not Berlusconi”

Medvedev: “Low-level EU leader, Draghi is not Berlusconi”
Medvedev: “Low-level EU leader, Draghi is not Berlusconi”

The level of Western politicians has “dropped down” and “I’ve seen it with my own eyes over the past 20 years”. In Europe, for example, “there is not even a trace of political figures of the level of Helmut Kohl, Jacques Chirac or Margaret Thatcher” and “no offense to anyone, but it is clear to everyone that Mario Draghi is not Silvio Berlusconi, and Olaf Scholz is not Angela Merkel“. Word of the Vice President of the Security Council of the Russian Federation, Dmitri Medvedevwhich in a new message on Telegram returns to lash out against Europe.

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According to the former prime minister and former Russian president, the great leaders of the past, who “were never Russophobes”, have been replaced by a new generation of “weak people” who “conventionally call themselves technocrats. Some of them are quite specialists. qualified, but nothing more. And here is the problem! These people are able to formulate an idea correctly, give precise instructions to the assistants. But they are not able to take responsibility “.

“They try to hide, mislead, talk about the conjunctures, even climate change but they don’t make a decision. Or they take it with a catastrophic delay. And this is already a total problem,” he explained.

“A true politician is not afraid to make decisions. Yes, he can make mistakes and even lose. But it will be a dignified defeat”, continued Medvedev, according to whom a politician must also “make an unpopular decision and take responsibility for it”.

The ‘new generation’ of European politicians, according to the former Russian president, is “far” from that of a few decades ago. “Would the current president of Ukraine show up to a meeting with President Chirac wearing a green shirt? Obviously not. Absurd,” he wrote referring to Zelensky.

“The problem of the degeneration of European politics is mainly due to the fact that it has become a pale voice of support for American soloists – continued Medvedev – Charles de Gaulle could oppose any American president”, while now European leaders “do not think about future “, but” they are limited only by their electoral prospects “. And even the new American leaders, he concluded, “don’t shine with bright ideas and mental stability.”

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