Ukraine, Putin: “US weapons? We crush them like nuts”

Ukraine, Putin: “US weapons? We crush them like nuts”
Ukraine, Putin: “US weapons? We crush them like nuts”

American arms to Ukraine? “We are crushing their air defense systems like nuts.”. These are the words of Russian President Vladimir Putin in an anticipation of an interview with Rossiya-1, which will be broadcast in full tomorrow. “We have destroyed dozens of them,” Putin added.

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WEAPONS FROM THE USA – The missiles sent by the US to Ukraine are “exactly what they need to resist Russian aggression”. These weapons, Deputy National Security Advisor John Fines explained, “they will allow Ukrainians to accurately hit Russian targets on the battlefield“.” We think this corresponds to their needs, “repeated Finer, speaking of the Himars missile system which allows launches up to 80 kilometers.

KIEV – Talks with Russia can continue only after new weapons arrive in Kiev and Ukraine’s position will have “strengthened”. These are the ‘conditions’ set by David Arakhamia, a member of the Ukrainian negotiating team: “At the moment I see no reason to start more negotiations, until there is really some big change at the front”. “Negotiations must continue – he insisted, speaking of a situation in which” one step forward and two steps back “is taken at the front – when our negotiating position has strengthened. And at the moment it can be strengthened” if weapons “are constantly promised. from international partners they will eventually arrive in sufficient quantities “.

According to Arakhamia, “the armed forces are ready to use themnew brigades have already been trained and formed, only then can we start a new round of negotiations“.

LAVROV’S WARNING – Russia warns that the supply of long-range US rocket launchers to Ukraine it could provoke a widening of the war. “Such a risk (of involvement of third countries) certainly exists – warned Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov -. What the Kiev regime is asking so categorically from its Western godparents above all goes beyond all limits of decency and of diplomatic communication and, second, it is a direct provocation aimed at involving the West in military action “.

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