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Agents leave the cell open, rapist and murderer of the 6-year-old girl massacred in prison

Asked about what happened, the little girl’s grandfather commented: “I hope she is suffering. The only thing I’m sorry about is that I couldn’t do it myself ”.

Only a few minutes during which the prison officers left his cell open, but that was enough for the other inmates to attack him and beat him up until he is sent to the hospital. The inmate Aaron Campbell, in prison in Scotland for having raped and then killed little Alesha MacPhail, a little girl of just six, was later found by the same policemen on the ground bleeding with one of the attackers still on.

According to a prison Source revealed to the British Sun, the assailant had to be dragged away by the guards while still attempting to deliver violent blows to Campbell. “His door had been briefly open during mealtimes and someone saw the opportunity and took it, pushed Campbell onto his bed and started hitting him, ”the insider explained.

The assaulted inmate, who was taken by surprise and did not even have time to react, was then rescued and taken to hospital. One of the blows to his face was so violent that a tooth has lodged in his lip but it’s not serious. The assailant found in the cell now faces a new charge of assault.

Campbell, now 20, is serving a sentence at 24 in prison for kidnapping, raping and killing little Alesha MacPhail in July 2018, when he was 16. Since he was arrested and convicted in 2019, he is routinely kept separate from all other inmates who threaten to kill him. “They would kill him if they could for what he did to that little girl,” the Source explained.

Asked about what happened, the little girl’s grandfather commented: “I hope she is suffering. The only thing I’m sorry about is that I couldn’t do it myself ”.

“The agents were informed at around 6pm on Wednesday 1 June 2022 of an assault inside the Polmont prison. A 20-year-old man was taken to the hospital for treatment. A 22-year-old man will be the subject of a complaint to the Prosecutor “merely explained the Scottish police.

The kidnapping and murder of little Alesha MacPhail

The twenty year old Aaron Campbell had shocked the nation with the murder of little Alesha MacPhail, a crime defined by the judges at the time as “one of the most evil this court has ever heard of in decades of fighting depravity.” Alesha’s body was found in a wooded area on the island of Bute, Scotland, on July 2, 2018. The coroner after the autopsy stated that the injuries to the girl’s private parts were “catastrophic” and “the most serious. “He had ever seen.

The little girl was spending the summer holidays with her father and grandparents when she was kidnapped by Campbell straight from his bed. She was found dead a few days later near an abandoned hotel in the town of Rothesay. 117 wounds were found on the girl’s body and, according to the autopsy, the death was caused by “significant pressure on her neck and face”.

In the first instance the boy was sentenced to 27 years in prison but then, after the admission of guilt and given his young age, the judges they granted him a three-year sentence discount on appeal, received with disdain by the family of the little victim.

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