Italy and nuclear energy with Bill Gates’ mini-reactors

Italy and nuclear energy with Bill Gates’ mini-reactors
Italy and nuclear energy with Bill Gates’ mini-reactors

Technological innovation and use of alternative energy sources, also focusing on the “new” nuclear power, in which Bill Gates is also investing. This is the path that Italy must take according to the Minister for Ecological Transition Roberto Cingolani, who spoke today June 1st at the Turin Economy Festival. For Cingolani, the solution to the problems of dependence on fossil fuels is technological: “Eight months for the vaccine and eight years to get to nuclear fusion for everyone, I believe it is a challenge for the transition, to reduce global inequalities”.

Cingolani explains that he is not a “fan” of nuclear power but that he has a “neutral” position. “I’m for technology. We need to invest in technology today”, because “we need to invest when the situation is bad, and seize the momentum”, he emphasizes.

Among the options that the exponent of the Draghi government likes most are the “small modular reactors”: fourth generation nuclear technology. “They do not use uranium but other materials” and have “saline solutions instead of water” that avoid most of the problems of waste, and “they can be built offshore”, even on ships, “they have a life span of thirty years, then are dismantled and finished “.

It is a technology “useful in transition phase programmable, non-exclusive Source, which can be used in conjunction with other technologies”. It is “one of the opportunities to be examined in this transition phase, up to 2060-65, when we will be able to have nuclear fusion as a Source of energy for the planet”, continues Cingolani, recalling that “Bill Gates is investing heavily” in this technology. and the first modular reactor in Romania will be installed in 2024.

However, the attention is not to create new dependencies. Hence the need to diversify. According to Cingolani, we must “pay attention to the dependence on lithium, nickel and cobalt”, and for this too we need to invest in technology: “We must go beyond lithium”.

The gas price cup

Cingolani also returns to talk about the ceiling on the price of gas requested by Italy from the EU. A temporary measure is defined “We must not block the free energy market – he explains – but we have seen peaks of sudden increases that were completely meaningless”. To address this, “the price cap is a temporary measure, which refers to the Brent valuation or any other indicator for 6 months, and should act as something that reduces the price spike. A year ago the price was 0.2 euro per cubic meter of gas, recently reached 1.5 euro per cubic meter, a 700% increase in the price, held for months by the free market is not justified, because the quantity of gas in the world is constant, we are not in a period of gas shortage, it is only speculation and it is not acceptable that the commodity gas could have an increase of seven times in the order of magnitude “. All this “is not acceptable – underlines the minister – because with costs of this kind the competitiveness of companies has dropped, many have closed, with bills increased by five or seven times even if consumption is the same”.

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