alligator leaps out, tears off his arm and kills him

The tragic death of an American street vendor found lifeless along the banks of a Florida park pond with his arm ripped off.

Attacked by an alligator that suddenly popped out of the water e she ripped off his arm and left him a corpse ashore, is the tragic death of an American street vendor found lifeless along the shores of a lake with his arm ripped off. The terrifying scene discovered Tuesday in a Florida public park that serves as a habitat for alligators.

The incident took place near the lake of John S. Taylor Park in Largo, a city in Pinellas county, where a passer-by found himself in front of the victim’s body with a severed arm and called for help. The man then identified as 47-year-old who makes a living by selling items like Frisbees to park goers.

According to what was reconstructed by the Largo police department, the man was certainly the victim of an alligator that allegedly attacked him just as he recovered a Frisbee that had probably previously ended up in the lake. “The man made his living by selling Frisbees to people playing in a field that runs parallel to the lake, and he died of an alligator attack, “Parks and Conservation Resources director Paul Cozzie also confirmed.

According to Cozzie, the victim misjudged the moment and the situation. “It looks like he went in before the park opened, unfortunately it’s not a good time to be near the lake, but especially during the mating season of alligators “, he explained calling that decision “a mistake that seems to have cost him his life”.

The man probably sensed the value of the Frisbee that probably ended up in the water during a competition in the nearby field and tried to recover it. Moreover, the man is not the first person to be attacked by an alligator while he tries to recover Frisbee in that park even if in the past there had been no lethal consequences. Because of this there are signs that warn people not to approach and even park rangers cannot wade the lake.

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