Where does the advantage of Ukrainian artillery come from

Where does the advantage of Ukrainian artillery come from
Where does the advantage of Ukrainian artillery come from

The secret ofUkrainian artillery it all fits into one software produced by such Yaroslav Sherstyuk, expert of the Kiev army who one day gave birth to Gis Art for Artillery, also called the Sherstyuk system. No US, British or Israeli technology: apparently Ukraine has managed to pull out of the hat a military joker that is both functional and easy to use. But what is it about? Let’s try to explain it without using too many technicalities.

In short, we are faced with a revolutionary pointing solution artillery which, in many ways and according to numerous experts, is even better than many other technologies in circulation. To understand how this tool works we can think about Uber or Lyftthat is, apps that provide a transport service by connecting the position of users to that of the drivers.

Well, Gis Art works in a similar way, since it assigns i targets to hit at closer weapons at the disposal of the Ukrainian army, be it cannons, mortars, rocket launchers or drones.

How does the Gis Art software work

Gis Art is able to coordinate targeting between a distributed group of multiple guns, with multiple trajectories or on an entire front, all focused on hitting one target at a time. Just as Uber connects customers and drivers based on their localized proximity via the app, Ukrainian software does the exact same thing, but ideally connects Ukrainian guns to Russian targets to hit.

In general, the software optimized by Sherstyuk can drastically reduce the time of the so-called trigger call, going from about 20 minutes to 30 seconds. For the enemies, reacting is complicated because the opponents are called to identify and fire on a certain number of attackers, and not on a single mass of weapons ready to fire.

The strength of this tool – again just like Uber – lies in its ability to optimize waiting timesin particular by locating targets closest to rocket launchers, cannons, drones or special teams intending to launch an attack.

Surprise effect

Who knows if the Russian army expected something like this. Probably not, just as he did not expect many other things, including being faced with an army, the Ukrainian one, much more aggressive than the one faced in the Donbass in past years, and moreover supplied with weapons by the Western bloc.

Returning to the importance of Gis Art, thanks to this software, the forces of Kiev must wait, as mentioned, not even a minute between requesting an attack and the actual attack against a target. To make a comparison, the US military takes an hour.

The Ukrainian wildcard, explained former US war veteran Trent Telenko in a long thread on Twitter, data from smartphones, drones, commercial satellites and rangefinder cameras.

To complete the picture, as he wrote Foreign Policywe must also mention Starlinkthat is the satellite communications company founded by Elon Musk which has allowed the Ukrainians to be able to rely on military telecommunications of the highest level and proof of Russian sabotage. If we also add the sharing of intelligence information collected by the United States and the United Kingdom with Kiev, the surprise effect for the Russians is complete.

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