The Nespresso competition for Mother’s Day on WhatsApp is false

The Nespresso competition for Mother’s Day on WhatsApp is false
The Nespresso competition for Mother’s Day on WhatsApp is false

It is necessary to be very careful in these hours, since there is a lot of talk about the Nespresso competition for Mother’s Day. Everything comes from one chain goes viral on WhatsAppthrough which malicious people are trying and will try to obtain data relating to your credit card or our account. For the appointment scheduled for this Sunday, in fact, the company has not yet formalized any initiative, which is why I advise everyone to stay away from such messages. Even if they come from trusted contacts.

How to recognize the hoax of the Nespresso competition for Mother’s Day on WhatsApp

It is not the first time that we have talked about hoaxes involving the brand in question, which in similar cases is nothing more than a victim of the scam given the potential damage to image generated by an initiative of this type. Just think of an article we published in our magazine just over two years ago. What do we know about this chain? Better to stop for a moment and better frame the chain that became viral in Italy at the beginning May. After all, there are many similarities with the story of the phantom Ferrero basket recently denied by our editorial staff.

As always happens in these cases, the message is very clear. The text of the chain tells us about a possible Nespresso competition for Mother’s Day, with the content that is circulating a lot on WhatsApp. Several sources confirm that the modus operandi of scammers is the same as always, since a link takes us back to the usual questionnaire. Once concluded, we will be announced that we have won the gift, which we can receive by paying a small sum for shipping.

Key moment for the Nespresso Mother’s Day contest scam on WhatsApp. At that point, in fact, you will provide sensitive data to malicious people, who in a few hours will empty your credit card.

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