Usa, find other cards in the Biden house: also top secret

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The new discovery in Wilmington feeds a scandal that with the passing of the days is spreading like wildfire amid the frustration of the Democrats who, after the unexpected positive results in the mid-term elections, thought they had escaped the worst. Instead, Biden’s garage-gate complicates the plans of the liberals and those for the race for the White House for 2024: the president has not yet officially announced his candidacy but it is probable, according to rumors, that he will present himself for a second term.

If he confirmed it, he would probably find himself running against it Donald Trump, starting a battle between a president and a former president under investigation by two different special prosecutors for handling secret papers. A situation that would risk turning into a nightmare and that could discourage voters from voting.

The new documents found in the Biden home were discovered on Thursday and handed over to the Justice Department, says White House Counsel Richard Sauber. There are a total of five other pages marked with the “classified” stamp. In announcing the new discovery, the White House is trying to be more open after the accusations of recent days.

Many – even among the liberal media – have criticized the silence and the lack of transparency of the administration on secret papers, found in Biden’s former office before the November election. “We are trying to strike a balance between the importance of public transparency and the rules and boundaries necessary to protect the integrity of the investigation. These considerations require avoiding public disclosure of details relevant to the investigation while it is ongoing” , explains Biden’s personal lawyer Bob Bauer.

As tension rises in the White House and among Democrats, the republicans of the House Judiciary Committee announce their investigation on classified papers found in Biden’s home and one of his former offices. In a letter to Justice Minister Merrick Garland, the Conservatives asked for details of the ongoing inquiry, noting how the documents were discovered ahead of November’s midterm elections. Hence the accusation against the Justice Department of not having acted as it did in other similar circumstances, such as with Donald Trump for example.

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Just to avoid being pulled by the jacket by politics, Garland has appointed a special prosecutor for the Biden case. It is Robert Hur and he will have to shed light on how and why the classified documents – which date back to the years of Biden as vice president – were not delivered to the National Archives as required by law but ended up in the president’s home. Hur will have to rebuild that January 2017 in which Biden left after eight years with Barack Obama, finding himself out of government, out of the Senate and away from the action in Washington for the first time in 44 years. In those days, his boxes were hastily prepared and now they risk obscuring, due to their contents, the results of Biden’s first two years in the White House.

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