Brendan Fraser today: transformed back to success

Brendan Fraser today: transformed back to success
Brendan Fraser today: transformed back to success
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At the beginning of the 2000s he had fascinated and entertained the world playing Rick O’Connell, in the colossal trilogy, The Mummy. After almost a decade we finally find him the protagonist of a new film, The Whalewhich moved the audience.

Brendan Fraser, how old are you

Born in 1968, we are talking about Brendan Fraser, one of Disney’s most beloved faces thanks to George King of the Jungle…? of 1997, before becoming an internationally renowned star with the three films de The Mummy with Rachel Weisz. After a decade of minor projects, Fraser thrilled London Film Festival audiences with his latest work The Whale where he plays a university professor of over 250 kilos now a recluse at home.

The actor could not hold back the tears on stage in front of the standing ovation of the audience, which lasted at least 5 minutes, for the dramatic role he played, for which among other things he had to gain several kilos by profoundly changing his appearance, especially if you compare him to the handsome adventurer Rick of the Mummy.

Brendan Frazer, 250 kilos for the film The Whale

The Whale tells of Charlie, an obese professor weighing 250 kilos, confined to a wheelchair and giving his lessons exclusively online with the camera always off. Man has practically lost all contact with external reality. The only exception is Liz, a nurse friend who keeps him company and helps him with the few medications she accepts. After a serious illness and a diagnosis that suggests how little he has left, he decides to reconnect with Ellie, the teenage daughter he hasn’t seen for many years. The incursion of Thomas, a young member of the church New Lifeand the newfound presence of his daughter in his life will be an opportunity to delve into his memories and traumas.

What happened to Brandan Fraser

As the Daily Mailthe plot of the film seems like a metaphor for the life of Brendan Fraser who after touching his moment of glory when he was a blockbuster actor, famous all over the world, has almost disappeared from the scene, finding himself struggling with weight problems.


Four years ago the actor explained the reasons that have marked the decline of his career, revealing that he was victim of sexual abuse in Hollywood. So he went from the stars to the rags. In the late 1990s and early 2000s, he was everywhere and starred with Harrison Ford and Michael Caine, then suddenly disappeared or almost disappeared, finding himself doing only minor jobs.

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Even in his private life, Fraser met with great disappointments. In 2008 he divorced his wife, actress Afton Smith, with whom he had three children. Due to his economic problems, in 2013 Brendan asked the court to be able to reduce the alimony to be passed to his ex, which amounted to 87 thousand euros per month.

The death of Fraser’s mother, Carol, from cancer in 2016 was another blow. Fans were very worried about him and organized a petition to help him. The actor today seems to have overcome the moment of profound crisis and The Whale it could be the ransom movie.

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