Putin’s atomic war is a joke, there is already an agreement with the US. Dragons? He put donkey ears on Italy

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There Russia defeat and folded, in knee for sanctionsprepare the atomic warfare. Fantastic. This is one joke naturally invented by all the services of intelligence and information western, mainly Anglo-Saxons, served to us. Equal peer, you can find it in some Italian newspapers. In the Corriere della Sera you can find it written even better than it was thought. It’s a dance. What is happening is the exact opposite. That is, for some time – even more than a month – in Ukraine Russians and Americans negotiate with each other. They treat the military. They deal with the release of prisoners and the exchange of prisoners. They deal with the territories to be abandoned and those to be conserved.

All this powerful offensive made with the American weaponswhich continue to arrive because they are paid so much and will be paid by us, (so the American war industry agrees this’offensive‘), is actually the retreat of Russia on certain borders on which they will want to set up a negotiation. However Zelensky resisted until a few days ago, reciting the order of the team and saying “no negotiation”, even if it dealt with prisoners of Azov and some territories.

Then Putin said ‘I’m sending you 300,000 reservists. We also have the atomic bomb‘. But before he said it, he made an agreement with the Chinese Xi Jinpingwhich Western newspapers say is very doubtful about this war. How doubtful? Together they have decided to invade Ukraine and together they are deciding that it must stop. Putin makes his “terrifying” announcement and Xi an hour later says “then we must end it in Ukraine”.

Europe moultsilent, shut up, he let the war go. She let her drag it. You haven’t said a word about the negotiation and you haven’t said a word now about whether the war must end with a negotiation. When the negotiation will take place and Putin will get the Donbass and the Crimea, one might wonder if this could not be done in the second month, perhaps even at the end of the first, letting go of these deaths, these sufferings. No, it could not be done because in this war Europe, the idea of ​​a united Europe, was defeated. And then Europe in its smallest production details. The strongest are preparing to grab everything and the war damages will make Europe pay and in particular us.

The speech of the gas and another one joke because the price of gas is made in countries that have gas and even sell it to us at higher prices than the Russians. Erdogan who deals with Putin gets it, but we are on the ground. Our bills they go through the roof and the next government that comes after the elections will have to deal with this problem.

What if instead of sending weapons we had built a European army and stood between the two contenders? We can’t because building a European army is a warmonger. But on the other hand, is sending weapons to make others fight in your place a pacifist? It is clear that there is something wrong here. Italy in Europe has made one foolthey took us to the last counter, where the ones with donkey ears are. Our premier put donkey ears on Italy. We will have to return the loans obtained but we have neither stopped nor raised our voices to say ‘enough’.

Now the Russians, the Chinese, the Americans (under the table) will say it, but they propagate the defeat of Moscow because if there is no strong propaganda in the newspapers to say “the war is over because Russia has lost it“They won’t be able to sign a deal because otherwise any idiot could raise their hand and say “Sorry but couldn’t you have done this negotiation without thousands of deaths?“. No, it could not be done because the dead were used to revive the American and English war industries and to put European manufacturing and industry under their heel.

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