The Pursuit of Love – Chasing Love series on Sky

The Pursuit of Love – Chasing Love series on Sky
The Pursuit of Love – Chasing Love series on Sky
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The Pursuit of Love – Chasing love is the miniseries in 3 episodes BBC license plate available from today Sunday 18 September on Sky On Demand, NOW in streaming and in a single evening on Sky Serie, adaptation of Nancy Mitford’s 1945 novel, published in Italy by Adelphi Edizioni with the title Rincorrendo amore. Three episodes capable of making those in search of love dream, catapulting us to England in the years before the Second World War through two girls, two cousins ​​Linda and Fanny, also different in their approach to love. Lily James, Andrew Scott, Dominc West embellish the cast of The Pursuit of Love.

The Pursuit of Love – Pursuing love the storyline

What does it mean to find the ideal husband? In a world of English nobles still torn between the past and modernity, Linda Radlett and her cousin Fanny are two teenagers trying to find an answer to this question. The two, in an increasingly chaotic and decadent world, find themselves involved in a series of bizarre and decidedly unpredictable adventures and misadventures. Will the coveted search for love prove to be a success or will it be a failure?

The Pursuit of Love – Pursuing love comment

The Pursuit of Love takes us back to a world where women have only one task: to find a husband. Girls are educated right away to grow up with this one goal in mind, anyone who tries to find a different path is a slut if not worse. And in a world that oppresses, where men decide the fate of their wives, mothers, daughters, independence is seen as a deviance to be suffocated.

Emily Mortimer actress but above all director and screenwriter of the episodes, reports the lesson learned with The Newsroom (of which he was the protagonist), bringing out the romantic comedy set in the past from loanable canons, hiding in the folds of the search for love, a rebellious and independent feminist spirit. The miniseries does not try to overturn the dynamics of the past, but stuffs them with rhythm and movement, building scenes capable of speaking beyond the dialogues. Each character is a caricature apparently devoid of depth, but this is a very precise choice useful to make explicit the difference with the contemporary. The goal is not to make the past contemporary, but to bring today’s public closer to the past with an understandable and non-repulsive style. Dominic West is the perfect noble of those years, a master father who “if he were poor he would have been arrested” for the way he treats his children. Yet this was the world in which Linda and Fanny had to seek love.

The roundup of encounters that the two girls make during their life, will bring joys and sorrows, happiness and despair but will serve to show the different faces of love. Each male character is presented through well-defined traits, with subjective shots that make us experience the first impressions of the girls and cards that recall the presentations of reality shows (as a construction not as a style).

A continuous and desperate search that will make the two protagonists grow, deeply united even if different in the approach to life and love. Especially once they grow up their choices will lead them to separate. Linda, raised in a rigid and oppressive environment, seeks freedom, imagination, creativity; Fanny having always wanted to get away from the specter of a mother who abandoned her to pursue her amusement, she dreams of her stability.

The Pursuit of Love The trailer

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The Pursuit of Love – Chasing love the cast

Lily James and Emily Beecham lead the series in an excellent way, especially James detaches his Linda from previous similar characters played by Downton Abbey in Cinderella, giving a hint of necessary madness to the character. Madness that is found in Andrew Scott and in him Lord Merlin, a creative, free character and therefore ideal for the characteristics of the actor. Contrary to the rigidity that Dominic West brings to his Matthew.

Lily James is Linda Anderton
Emily Beecham is Fanny Logan, Linda’s cousin
Andrew Scott is Lord Merlin
Dominc West is Matthew Anderton
Dolly Wells is Sophie Anderton
John Heffernan is Davey
Freddie Fox is Tony Kroesig
Emily Mortimer is The Bolter
Shazad Latif is Alfred

The Pursuit of Love – Chasing love how many episodes are

The miniseries The Pursuit of Love – Chasing love consists of 3 episodes, all immediately available on Sky Serie, On Demand and NOW.

The Pursuit of Love – Pursuing love how to stream

To watch the miniseries in streaming you need a subscription to NOW to the Entertainment package. Sky subscribers will be able to do so through Sky Go.

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